Faculty Handbook
Sr. # Description Download
 1 Academic Council Download
 2 IIUI Act Download
3 Students Evaluation Process Download
Student Handbook
Sr. # Description Download
 1 Admission Process Download
 2 Comprehensive Exam Policy Download
3 General Academic Rules Download
4 Paper Publication Policy IIUI Download
5 Plagiarism Policy IIUI Download
6 PSC (Plagiarism Standing Committee) Notification Download
Quality Assurance Policies
Sr. # Description Download
1 Accepted Paper Publications Download
2 All Disciplines (Excluding Engineering, IT, Medical, Law, Arts and Design Download
3 CGPA Equivalence of Grades Download
4 CGPA Letter Download
5 Engineering & Technology Download
6 Minimum of a PhD Faculty Member to Supervise a PhD thesis Download
7 Mininmum Experience of a PhD Faculty Member Letter Download
8 MS,P.hD Minimum Duration Requirements Download
9 Notification of 6th Tenure Track Review Committee Minutes Download
10 Notification: Revision Of Policy Criteria for Social Sciences Research Journals Download
11 Plagiarism Policy Notification Download
12 Policy for Two Degrees Awarded Download
13 Policy Review Article Download
14 Previous Three Years Notification Download
15 Revised Notification Download
16 Supervision of MS/M.Phil Programmes Download
17 Techonologically Advanced Countries list approved in-33rd meeting of Commission Download
Transport Policy
Sr. # Description Download
 1 Routes of Female Students Download
 2 Routes of Male Students Download
3 Instruction for Students Tours and Trips Download
4 Office Order (Clarity in Destination Points) Download
5 Revise rates for Private Utilization of University Vehicles Download
6 Transport Advisory Committee Download
HEC Manual for QAD
 1 HEC Self Assessment Manual Download
 2 HEC Quality Assurance Manual for Higher Education in Pakistan Download
3 HEC Performance Evaluation Standards For The HEIs Download
4 Plagiarism Policy Download
5 TurnItIn Policy Download
6 Standard Operating Procedure Download
7 HEC MS/M.Phil and PhD Criteria Download
8 Policy Regarding Plagiarism Cases Download
9 Little Book of Plagiarism Download
10 HEC Faculty Appointment Criteria for Engineering, IT, and Computing
11 HEC Faculty Appointment Criteria for All Discipline except Engineering &
General QAD Documents
1 IIUI Monitory Incentives for Research Publications Download
2 Program Team & Focal person Form Download
3 Ranking Data Form for Faculty Download
Quality Assurance Forms
1 Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire Performa Download
2 Faculty Course Review Report Performa Download
3 Survey of Graduating Students Performa Download
4 Research Student Progress Review Form Download
5 Faculty Survey Performa Download
6 Survey of Departments Offering Ph.D Program, Performa Download
7 Alumni Survey Download
8 Employer Survey Download
9 Faculty Resume Form Download
10 Teacher Evaluation Form Download
QAD Software Manuals
1 Manual for faculty on QAD Software for feedback Download
2 Student manual for feedback on QAD Software Download