Medical Centre

Multinational medicines are being used in the Male & Female Medical Centre. Every registered student is entailed to get benefit for consultation and medicines and routine diseases are being treated the patient shifted to any big government hospital for necessary management .
Ambulance Service
Two well equipped ambulance are in use one for Female and another for male student and if any employee’s conditions to meet the emergency ambulance may be utilized for them.
Model Pathology Lab
In the Medical Centre a well equipped model pathology lab is being utilized for students and employees the test are being performed are as under
Glucose BSR,DSF Serum Urea Creatinine
Uric Acid Cholestrol Triglyceride
H.D.L Total Bilirubin SGPT
Alk Phosphate Hb Pregnancy
Widal Blood Group Urine R/E
CP,ESR M.P (Melarial Parascite) Stool R?E
LFT RFT Lipid Prafile
Medical Core to participants of Dawah Academy & Shariah Academy
Staff of Medical Centre
Dr.Shabbir Ahmad Kallu   Dr. Khalil-Ur-Rahman
Chief Medical Officer/Incharge Medical
Resident Medical Officer
Dr.Wakeel Hussain Dr. Asia Tahir
Resident Medical Officer Senior Medical Officer
Dr. Irrum Asghar Abdul Wajid
Resident Medical Officer AAO
Mohammad Saleem Asim Naveed Khan
Dispenser Dispenser
Shazia Perveen Muhammad Jahangir
Dispenser LDC
Shabbir Hussain Mohammad Rafiq
Lab. Technician N/Qasid