The Vision

To provide every opportunity for an all round and harmonious development of individuals and society and reconstruction of human thought in all its forms on the foundations of Islam in order to encourage and promote education, training the research in Islamic learning, social, natural, applied and communication sciences and other branches of learning to ensure the Muslim Ummah’s ideological, moral, intellectual, social, economic and technological development in accordance with the values, ideals, principles and norms of Islam.

Action Plan

  • To consolidate the existing faculties, institutes, academies and centres of the University, namely, Faculty of Arabic, Faculty of Computing & Information Technology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, International Institutes of Islamic Economics,  Faculty of Languages and Literature, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Shariah and Law, Faculty of Usuluddin, Dawah Academy, Shariah Academy, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Science and the Iqra College of Technology.
  • To establish new faculties, departments centres, units and cells and strengthen the existing faculties, institutes, academies and centres the order the ensure diversification and deeper specialization in the relevant areas and to promote higher learning, research and training in various branches and specializations falling under the purview of the concerned faculties, institutes, academies or centres.
  • To strengthen pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research programs in the existing faculties and institutes.
  • To develop and consolidate the Female’s Campus as a premier seat of higher learning for female.
  • To develop a faculty committed to the cause, vision and mission of the University on the one hand and responsive to the requirements, professional competence and an enhanced Islamic understanding on the other.
  • To develop a rich multi–lingual resource centre in the areas of interest to the University.
  • To develop centres of expertise, research and consultancy in the fields of Islamic Law, Islamic Economics and Banking, Islamic Finance, Information Technology and Engineering and Technology.
  • To develop a nerve center of higher Islamic education in Pakistan through affiliation of leading institutions of Islamic education, establishment of regional campuses and centres, and coordination with eminent personalities working in the fields of Islamic education, research, instruction and training.
  • To produce scholarly works and other reading material in the fields of interest to the university , especially Law, Jurisprudence, Islamic Thought, Economics, Banking, Political Science, International Relations and Business Administration.
  • To establish Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences and a Faculty of Engineering and Technology with expertise drawn, as far as possible, both from Pakistan and overseas.
  • To establish a faculty of Communication and Media with view to produce experts in the fields of media, communication and journalism.
  • To establish branches and affiliated institutes of the International Islamic University outside Pakistan especially at places where higher Islamic learning is not available.

The Mission

To optimize integration and Islamization of the contemporary knowledge and human thought in international perspective through established institutions and academic endeavors to achieve excellence in all branches of knowledge.

Psychological Services Clinic (PSC)

Psychological Services Clinic has been established for Faculty members, Staff and Students of International Islamic University Islamabad. Clinic operates under the auspices of Department of Psychology of International Islamic University Islamabad.


Multinational medicines are being used in the Male & Female Medical Centre. Every registered student is entailed to get benefit for consultation and medicines and routine diseases are being treated the patient shifted to any big government hospital for necessary management .

Central Library

Central Library of International Islamic University Islamabad is located in Sector H-10, Islamabad. Library shifted to the new building in July 2006, which consists of two floors. Reference, reserve, thesis, Lincoln Corner, circulation desk and office of the chief librarian are located on the ground floor, whereas general collection, newspapers and periodicals’ section are situated on the first floor of the Library.
Catalogue of books is placed in front of entrance of the Library. Reference desk is in the main hall to provide reference services to library members. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are female days as library offers services to female members on these days and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are male days to provide services to male members. Limited library services are offered to female members on male days and similarly to male members on female days.

History of IIUI

The foundation of the University was laid on the first day of the 15th Hijrah Century, Muharram 1, 1401 (November 11, 1980). This landmark of the beginning of the new century symbolizes the aspirations and hopes of the Muslim Ummah for an Islamic renaissance. The desire to produce scholars and practitioners, imbued with Islamic learning, character and personality, and capable to meet the economic, social, political, and intellectual needs of modern times is the aim of this University.
Presently, the University has eleven (11) faculties and six (6) autonomous academies, institutes and centers. The University is conducting around One Hundred Twenty (120) academic programmes with enrollment of over 17,000 students that include around 7,000 female students. In addition around 2,000 are enrolled in the Iqra College of Technology, a constituent unit of the University.

Powerful Alumni at IIUI

Alumni of a university are ambassadors at large and play an active role in developing goodwill for the university. They also play a very important role in helping the university for establishing new programmes through their continuous support both materially and with ideas. During the last few years the university has made remarkable progress in every field. IIUI have been able to start not only new programmes but new academic departments have also been added.
HEC desires every university to establish Alumni Office at the campus. The major objective of the Alumni Office is to establish and maintain active collaboration with the Alumni of the university.