President IIUI

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh

Message of the President IIUI
International Islamic University, Islamabad, is in the process of embarking on a new phase in the history of the University. We are busy in making preparations for an expansion plan both in terms of education as well as in terms of physical development. A couple of years back the University has shifted to its new campus in Sector H-10 of Islamabad. The vast and beautiful area allocated to the International Islamic University by the Government of Pakistan provides almost unlimited opportunities for expansion and diversification for the next 25 years. The University was established in 1980 to commemorate the dawn of the 15th century of Hijrah. The new century was considered by many in the Muslim World to be the beginning of new era of unity, development, progress and reconstruction of institutions of the Muslims. The University seeks to promote this very objective at the intellectual plane. According to the Ordinance that brought it into being, the University aims at providing for all round and  
harmonious development of individuals and the society and to reconstruct human thought in all its forms on the foundation of Islam. In addition to offer teaching and research programmes, the University also tries to develop Islamic character and personality among the students and teacher and the supporting staff. For this purpose, we organize orientation courses, training programmes and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
The hallmark of the University’s educational philosophy is the integration of Islamic knowledge with contemporary intellectual achievements. The courses and Islamic programmes designed by the University during the last 25 years reflect the thinking and aspirations of Muslim educationists, thinkers and leaders of Islamic revivalism who guided the Muslim Ummah during the last century. In a way, the International Islamic University is a combination of the academic and intellectual traditions set by the Aligarh Muslim University, the Darul Ulum of Deoband and the Nadwat-ul-Ulama in addition to other rich academic traditions of the Sub-continent. Thus, we aim at producing profound Islamic jurists, enlightened Islamic scholars, competent economists, professional business executives, articulate litterateurs and perceptive thinkers, with an Islamic perspective on the one hand and professionalism and depth of knowledge on the other.
We have endeavored in this University to set certain standards and succeeded. For example, our examinations are never postponed, results are always declared according to the announced schedule; studies are never disrupted by any disorder; admissions are always on merit and nobody has had cause to complain otherwise; and many other good practices that should be the hallmark of any University. For this I must express my gratitude to the faculty and the students as a body, and more than that thank Allah Almighty for His blessings.
We shall, Insha Allah, continue in the same spirit at the new campus. Only we shall have much more work to do because of the envisaged expansions and the new additions to the list of departments and disciplines. Whatever the changes that we have to make, I assure our well-wishers that there shall be no change in the noble ideals and targets that have served since 1985 to set the International Islamic University apart as a distinctive place of higher learning for the entire humanity.
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