Selection Board




The Selection Board considered the applications of eligible candidates for teaching, research and other posts in BPS-17 and above received in response to an advertisement in the case of direct appointments and after interviewing the candidates with the help of experts recommends to Board of Governors the names of suitable candidates for appointment to such posts. The Selection Board comprising the following members:-

President, IIU – (Chairman)

1.         Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh,
            President, IIU, Islamabad

Chief Justice Federal Shariat Court or his nominee (Member)

2.         Hon. Justice Dr. Fida Muhammad Khan,
            Judge, Federal Shariat Court, Islamabad
            (Nominee of the Chief Justice F.S.C)

Chairman, H.E.C or his nominee (Member)

3.         Prof. Dr. Tariq Banuri,
            Chairman, H.E.C, Islamabad

Nominee of the Rector, IIU (Member)

4.         Prof. Dr. Waseem Ahmad,
            Professor Emeritus, Department of Bio-Chemistry
            Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

One member of the Board of Governors (Member)

5.        Vacant

Two other persons of eminence to be nominated by BOG (Members)

6.        Vacant
7.        Vacant

Vice-Chancellor of Pakistani University nominated by BOG (Member)

8.        Prof. Dr. Rauf-i-Azam,
           Vice Chancellor, University of Education, Lahore

The Chairperson of the Teaching Department and the Dean of the Faculty concerned.

9.         Dean of the Faculty concerned
10.       Chairperson of Teaching Department concerned

One of Vice-Presidents – Member/Secretary

11.       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily
            Vice President (Academics), IIUI

Two experts in the relevant field out of a list approved by the Selection Board to be selected by the President, from outside the University