Admission Forms Sample Admission Papers General
Email Hostel Academics
Indent Form (IT)
Indent Form (P&S) :: Inspection Certificate (P&S) :: Requisition Form (P&S)
No Demand Certificate
Transport Requisition Form
Self Assessment Performa
Reservation Form for Auditorium at Faisal Masjid Campus
Reservation Form for Seminar room at Faisal Masjid Campus
HEC Approved PhD Supervisor Performa
Job Application Form (Academic Positions)
Job Application Form (Non-Academic Positions) :: Application Form (BPS 1-5)
Refundable Loan Proforma Non Refundable Loan ProformaRefundable Festival Loan Proforma (More Details)
House Building Advance
Car / Motor Cycle Advance
Leave Application Form – FET
Indent Form – FET
Employee Attendance Sheet
Employee Undertaking (BPS 17 & above) | Employee Undertaking (BPS 1-16)
Employee University ID Card FormID Card Re-newal Proforma
Leave Application Form – IIUI
Model Tenure Track Process Statutes
Pension Form
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Faculty/Staff Signup Form
Visiting Faculty
Student Signup Form (For CR)
For Student Signup Form, forward the duly signed hard copy to Web Section and email soft copy of the same form to [email protected]
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Male Hostel
Female Hostel
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Degree Request Form | Degree Fee Notification
NOC Form
Undertaking Form For D-GRADE
Guidelines for Thesis Writers
Program & Course Review Performa
Performa for Viva-Voce for MS/M.Phil/LLM & PhD Students
Award List Performa
Performa for Part Time Teachers
Part Time Teacher Agreement
Performa for change of Supervisor MS-PHD
Extension Performa
Evaluation Form (MS/PhD Research Thesis/Proposal) (DCSSE)
BS Evaluation Forms for Final Year Project (DCSSE – Female Campus)
Evaluation Form (MS/PhD Research Thesis/Proposal) (DCSSE – Female Campus)
Bi-Annual Progress Report for MS/PhD students
Degree Verification Form
MS/PhD Synopsis Submission Performa
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Foreign / Expatriate Pakistani Students – Admission Forms
  PDF Word Zip
Overseas Admission Form for Graduate / Under Graduate Programmes PDF Doc  
Overseas Admission Form for Post Graduate Programmes PDF Doc  
Foreign Student Information Sheet PDF    
Admission Form (IQRA College of Technology)
DAE Admission Advertisement – Fall 2019 PDF  
DAE Admission Form PDF  
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Overseas Students
Bonafide Form (Female)
Id Card (Female)
New Joining Form (Female)
Old Joining Form (Female)
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Sample Papers
  PDF Word Zip
Department of Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
BS Biology PDF    
BS Bio-Informatics PDF    
BS Bio-Technology PDF    
MS Bio-Informatics PDF    
MS Bio-Technology PDF    
Department of Environmental Sciences
BS in Environmental Science PDF    
MS in Environmental Science PDF    
MSc in Environmental Science PDF    
Sample Paper of Environmental Science PDF  
Post graduate diploma in Environmental Management Doc  
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
BS Mathematics PDF    
BS Statistics PDF    
MSc. Mathematics PDF    
MSc. Statistics PDF    
MS Mathematics PDF    
MS Statistics PDF    
Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
BS Computer Science Doc  
BS Software Engineering Doc  
MS, PhD (CS) Doc  
MS, PhD (SE) Doc  
Department of Urdu
BS Urdu PDF    
MA Urdu PDF    
MS Urdu PDF    
PhD. Urdu PDF    
Department of English
Guideline for Entry Test – BS/MA English PDF    
BS/MA English PDF    
MS/PhD English PDF    
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
BS (EE/ME)  
MS(EE) PDF    
Ph.D (EE) PDF    
Ph.D (ME)      

MSEE/PhD EE: Questions will be from

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Control Systems
Engineering Maths
Faculty of Social Sciences
BS (All Departments of Faculty of Social Sciences) PDF    
Sample papers for Politics & IR, Media & Communication Studies, Sociology, History, Psychology and Islamic Arts and Architecture Studies
MA/MSc, MS/M.Phil and Ph.D     Zip
MS/M.Phil History     Zip
Department of Education
MA Education & MA Special Education PDF    
MS Education PDF    
PhD Education PDF    
International Institutes of Islamic Economics
BS (4 YEARS) Economics, Economics & Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance   Doc  
M.Sc Economics, Economics & Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance, Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Islamic Banking & Finance   Doc  
MS leading to PhD Econometrics   Doc  
Ph.D Economics, MS (Rural Development), MS Islamic Banking & Finance and MS Economics & Finance   Doc  
Faculty of Shariah & Law
PhD Shariah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence) PDF    
MS-LLM Muslim Family Law PDF    
MS-LLM Shariah-Islamic Commercial Law PDF    
LLB Shariah & Law PDF    
Department of Translation & Interpretation
BS T&I PDF    
MS T&I PDF    
Department of Physics
BS Physics – Fall 2013 PDF    
MSc Physics – Fall 2013 PDF    
MS Physics – Fall 2013 PDF    
Old Papers     ZIP
Department of URDU
BS Urdu PDF    
MA Urdu PDF    
MS Urdu PDF    
PhD Urdu PDF    
MS PDF    
Department of Sociology
Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail – Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences (SA-CIRBS)
MS Biosciences PDF    
MS Chemistry PDF    
MS Environmental Sciences PDF    
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Faculty of Arabic
PhD Arabic PDF    
MS Arabic PDF    
MA Arabic PDF    
BS Arabic PDF    
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