By: Muhammad Nauman [January 3rd, 2018]

International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) would work for legislation regarding alcohol under the supervision of National Assembly Standing Committee on education and Professional training.

This was recommended on the occasion of the visit of Standing Committee of National Assembly for Education and Professional Training here at new campus on Wednesday. The meeting was chaired by Col. (R) Dr. AmirullahMarwat , while it was also attended by Federal Minister for Education,, Engineer Baleegh ur Rehman, Secretary of Committee, Walayat Khan, IIUI Rector Dr. MasoomYasinzai , IIUI President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Dariweesh , QAU vice Chancellor, members of the committee and IIUI Vice Presidents and DGs.

It was recommended that IIUI, through its Islamic Research Institute (IRI) and its other constituent units would help for legislation and guidance on the issues such as alcohol and issues pertaining to justice. It was also discussed that already drafted work on the issue of alcohol will be shared with IIUI. The committee also recommended budget of  the Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement scheme for less developed areas be increased from 2 billion to 6 billion.

The Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Amir Ullah lauded IIUI for its services and ongoing projects. He urged that research projects must be result oriented at the universities and nepotism and favoritism be avoided in educational institutions.

Engineer Baleegh ur Rehman told in the meeting that Premier’s Fee Reimbursement scheme for less developed areas has increased enrollment of the students in the universities. He added that 2 billion rupees annually were being used for this project and  provided positive results, upon which, the committee members recommended that the budget of the scheme be increased to 6 billion.

To point regarding research and development, Education Minister told that Higher Education Commission (HEC) has established ORIC departmentsin around 70 universitywhich work for engaging the industry to university and products of few universities have been adopted by the market.

As per agenda, IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai briefed the committee about strengths, achievements, legal frame work, budget and futuristic outlook of the university. He told that IIUI was one of the country’s fastest expanding university with more than 30 thousand on campus students. He briefed that around 50 PhD international faculty members and more than 2000 foreign students were present at the IIUI campuses.

About the question, IIUI Rector responded that international had signed MoUs and established linkage with  Al-Azhar university of Egypt, Um ulQura university of KSA, Madeena university of KSA and many other institutions.

Upon the point of curriculum, IIUI rector told that university had arranged a conference on the topic and it has always stressed on inclusion of teachings of Islam in curriculum. He furthered that the university had also opted Washington accord and it was preparing its engineering curriculum  in the light of international requirements.

Dr. Masoom told that university has already submitted its 2025 strategic plan of ten years under which the top priority was a faculty of medicine regarding which the IIUI Pro Chancellor Abdullah Aba Al- Khail had assured of good news soon, he told. NA body members were also apprised that university through a Paigham e Pakistan initiative mustered all sects of the religion and a unanimous decree against suicide attacks and terrorism was announced which would be soon announced by the President of Pakistan.

Academia and industry are not hooked up and the reason is trust deficit on both sides which must be dealt on urgent basis “ said Dr. Masoom. He continued that challenges of hour can be solved through progress in the Higher education.

During the meeting, IIUI President,Dr. Al-Draiweesh thanked the chairman and committee members for visits and vowed that prudent recommendations will be implemented with sincerity. He also apprised the members regarding role of IIUI against terrorism and leading challenges of hour. He said that university had organized conferences, seminars, discussions and joint ventures to deal with terrorism, violence, promotion of Islam’s message of peace and protection of human rights. The committee also discussed issue pertaining to Qaid e Azam University.


By: Muhammad Nauman [January 2nd, 2018]

Shari ‘ah Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) conducted a workshop for Mufti’s of Jamia Tur Rasheed at Karachi.

The workshop covered introduction to Pakistani legal system, shariah in the Pakistani legal system, triple talaq within Pakistani legal system, khul’a within Pakistani legal system, islamization of laws in Pakistan: the qisas and diyat ordinance, islamization of laws in Pakistan: the hudood ordinances and  role of federal shariat court & council of islamic ideology in islamization of laws in pakistan

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir (VP- AF &P / D.G Shariah Academy) & Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed , Head Department of Law, discussed the abovementioned topics during the workshop.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Munir, furing his lectures in the sessions of workshop highlighted that the objective of the workshop was to introduce the Pakistani legal system and the effort of Islamization to the Ulama and the religious leaders so that they can contribute in the reformation of this system positively. He also emphasized to the participants of the workshop that it’s not the end to the study of law, rather it was a start, and there is need for the study of law in depth with more concentration.

In concluding session Maulana Abdul Rahim, Principle – Jamia Tur Rasheed, thanked Professor Dr. Muhammad Munir and Shari ‘ah Academy for conducting this workshop and appreciated the efforts of Shari‘ah Academy. He emphasized on the importance of such courses and workshops and requested for more workshops to be conducted in collaboration with the Academy to be launched on regular basis.



By: Muhammad Nauman [January 1st, 2018]

One week teachers training course organized by Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) concluded at the IRD guest house of the university. Prof Dr. Muhammad Masoom Yasinzai, Rector IIU was chief guest whereas, Prof Dr. Ahmad Yousif AL-Draiweesh, President IIU presided over the closing ceremony.

Addressing to the ceremony, Rector IIUI Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai hailed the role of Religious Institutions for promotion of its educational standards and said that teaching was an art where training plays phenomenal role to improve capacity building. He added that if we want our nation among ranks of developed nations, we should spend more on our teachers’ training. He furthered that IIU is keen to train teachers of religious institutions which would lead its better image for those who are trying to damage the true spirit of these Institutions.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousef Al Draiweesh, President, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) said that Unity and brotherhood is the need of the hour for Muslim Ummah and International Islamic University is playing a fundamental role in this regard.  At the end, certificates were distributed among the workshop participants. Additional Director IRD, Syed Muzammil Hussain, Muhammad Rashid, Course Coordinator, and religious scholars who were also course participants expressed views during the concluding ceremony


IIUI, Muslim World League agree to Prop-Up Education
By: Muhammad Nauman [January 1st, 2018]

Launching ceremony of scholarships by Muslim World  League (MWL) for the students of International Islamic University Islamabad was held at the Faisal Masjid campus of the university.  Dr. Abdu Mohammad Atain, Regional Director World Muslim League, Mr. Ahmed Kaid A. Al-Odaini Charge d Affairs Embassy of the republic of Yemen at Islamabad, Prof Dr. Muhammad Munir Vice President IIUI, Prof Dr Muhammad Zia Ul Haq, Director General IRI IIUI, Prof Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily, Director Academics IIUI, faculty members and students attended the ceremony.Speaking on the occasion Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh appreciated role of World Muslim League and said that IIU and WML have common objectives to promote education in Muslim countries especially in the fields of Islamic education, Hifz e Quran & Islamic research. The President IIU suggested that MWL should increase number of scholarships for IIU as we have large number of potential students in the described fields.


Dr. Abdu Mohammad Atain said that WML is striving to unite and clarify attitudes of Muslim scholars & intellectuals on different causes to address challenges of Muslim world. He appreciated role of IIU in disseminating quality education to the Muslim world. He added that MWL is focusing to increase number of scholarships for IIU students in future.


By: Muhammad Nauman [December 26th, 2017]

International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) and University of Africa, Sudan have finalized matters for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for bilateral  cooperation and academic excellence through joint ventures.

This was decided in a meeting between President IIUI, Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh and Ambassador  of Sudan, Taj Addin Al-Hadi  at new campus of the university. Meeting was also attended by the Dean of Arabic faculty Dr. Muhammad Bashir and faculty members from Sudan working at IIUI.

Both sides would launch short courses of Arabic for f

aculty and students through mutual cooperation and agreed that seminars and conferences on important issues wo

uld be arranged.

On the occasion, Dr. Al-Draiweesh appreciated the efforts of both sides to sign a memorandum of understanding and extended cooperation between them. He also thanked the Ambassador for his support and cooperation.

The ambassador hailed the role of IIUI and said that bilateral cooperation of IIUI with universities of Sudan would pave the way for quality education for students of Muslim world.


By: Muhammad Nauman [December 26th, 2017]

International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI)  has extended the last date to apply in more than 100 programs of its 9 faculties till December 29.

The university administration made this decision keeping in view the interest and rush of the applicants in various faculties. Students can apply online from anywhere across Pakistan or abroad, while the schedule of the tests has also been upload on IIUI website and latest updates are being given at the official university page iiu.isbpk.


By: Muhammad Nauman [December 26th, 2017]

Merit based scholarship award ceremony was held in the Department of Education for B.Ed (Hons) Faculty of Social Sciences. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Vice President, Academics IIUI chaired the ceremony and distributed scholarship cheques to 03 male and 06 female students of the Department of Education.

Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani, Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Dr. Muhammad Munir Kayani, Chairman Department of Education (male), Dr. Shamsa Aziz, Chairperson, Department of Education (Female)  Dr. Muhammd Zafar Iqbal, Assistant Professor/Faculty Advisor (PRP), Ms. Fouzia Ajmal, Mr. Zaheer Bhatti, Admin Officer (Focal Scholarship National), Mr. Fawad Ahmed, Assessment Manager from Pakistan Reading Project, (PRP), USAID Islamabad and all faculty members were also present on the occasion.

Vice President, Academics, IIU appreciated the efforts of the Department of Education and Pakistan Reading Project team and congratulated the scholarship recipients. Moreover, he added that this project was a complete package, including infrastructural support, faculty development programmes, and scholarships for students. Dr. Bashir appreciated the efforts made by Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani, Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and all faculty members to make this project a success story. Dr. Bashir expressed his gratitude to USAID for award of need based scholarships to the students of department of Education and asked to the students that they are the ambassadors of IIUI.

Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani, highlighted the vitality of this project and its academic significance. Learning to read at early childhood stage is the most important skill. Graduated students will play their professional role to teach reading skills to the students in the early grades.  Dr. Zafar Iqbal added that students having B.Ed (Hons) degree will surely make a difference when they will join education department as professional teacher. He appraised the quality of instructional material prepared for teacher educators and students by HEC and USAID. Dr. Muhammad Munir Kayani, and Dr. Shamsa Aziz congratulated to the scholarship recipients and paid thanks to Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Vice President (Academics) to grace the occasion. Similarly, both head of departments thanked to the USAID and team all the participants of the ceremony.


By: Muhammad Nauman [December 21st, 2017]

The International Islamic University (IIU) annual Sports Gala at female campus commenced on Thursday which was inaugurated by the University’s President, Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh,

The sports  gala at the female campus of the university started with compeitions of tabe tennis and other activities including first-aid race, sack race, three-leg race and a 200-metre race.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Vice President (AF&P) Dr. Muhammad Munir, Director Female Campus, Dr. Farkhanda Zia, Students Advisor female, Dr. Nyla Jabeen, female

“IIUI is an equal opportunity providing institution and it gives a special place to its female students, that is why a separate campus has been built for them,” said Dr. Al-Draiweesh, adding that Islam has stressed on mental and physical health which is possible to get through sports. He further said youth were omen of bright future of Muslim Ummah, and they must be provided opportunities to take part in positive activities.


By: Muhammad Nauman [December 21st, 2017]

Mechanical Engineers Alumni Association (MEAA) of Department of Mechanical Engineering held the very first Alumni Reunion in collaboration with

Alumni office IIUI. The graduates of DME (Batches F10, F11,F12) were invited, working all over Pakistan and abroad, to grace this event.

Alumni and the Guests including Chief Guest Vice President (Acad) Dr. Muhammad Bashir Khan, Vice President HS &R Dr Aqdas Naveed Malik , In-charge Alumni Office Hafiz Muhammad Anwar, Chairman DME Dr. Saeed Badshah, Dr Afzal Khan, all the faculty and students of department first gathered formally in the Auditorium where the audience (specially students) were briefed by the guest speakers, mainly graduates of DME, about the challenges in jobs and encouraged to excel themselves in entrepreneurship by effectively utilizing their current time in study and learning basic technical skills.

Final year students were stressed to put their best efforts in FYPs and learn all the pros and cons in the completion of the certain projects.  The program also included some of messages in recorded videos from the alumni who couldn’t come.   Alumni from different working backgrounds shared their experiences and conveyed some important tips for appearing in interviews.

VP HS&R Engr. Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik underscored the importance of engineers for developing nations and effectively distinguished between the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering. He shared his own experiences and said that he is glad to be there in the ceremony.
He also also emphasized the role of engineers in the society and admired the alumni for their efforts to bring IIUI a good name and praised the organizers for their efforts.

Chairman DME, Dr. Saeed Badshah paid his gratitude to all the worthy guests including Alumni for sparing their valuable time and making this event successful and assured arranging more in future. He praised the faculty and MEAA team for their efforts. He also launched a website of his departmental alumni section built by MEAA members.

Other speakers were Dr Afzal Khan, In-Charge MEAA and Current President MEAA (F14 Student) who discussed the certain achievements and future horizon of their association.
After that Chief Guest awarded shields to MEAA team members (present and former) for their efforts and souvenirs were presented to the worthy guests by HOD DME.

Informal session was carried out in which currently enrolled students were given the opportunity to meet their senior fellows and sought any help in studies and internships.


By: Muhammad Nauman [December 21st, 2017]

Amid its mega event spectra activities, Media and Communication Studies Department of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) in collaboration with Students Advisor office organized a media hunt where students showcased their talent and creativity.

Students were given tasks to produces media documentaries, live reporting, live hosting and various other categories and  they were given awards and positions accordingly in the  ceremony.

The event was attended by Vice President Higher Studies and Research, Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, Students Advisor male, Dr. Tariq Javed and Head Media and Communication Studies, Syed Inam ur Rehman and other senior faculty members of the department.

Dr. Naveed hailed the performances and said that talent in Pakistani youth is a mentionable attribute. He said that the creativity he observed in these competitions was laudable. He urged the students to stay connected to literature, relevant degree as well so that they can have constructive and mature creative ideas.

Dr. Tariq Javed appreciated the effort of students and vowed that IIUI would keep providing such platforms to its students.

Syed Inam ur Rehman said that media is the face society and the greater one is creative the more dissemination he would gain. He felicitated the department and students advisor office for arranging a successful event.