By: Muhammad Nauman [March 31st, 2017]

Dr. Mehmoud Fikri, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director along with a delegation called on Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh at his office at Faisal Masjid campus.

Issues of mutual interest especially bilateral cooperation in arrangement of programs and role of IIUI in polio eradication came under discussion during the meeting. The meeting was also attended by WHO delegates, IIUI Vice President Dr. Muhammad Munir and varsity’s Director Academics Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily.

The WHO Regional Director hailed role of IIUI is disseminating peace and conducting moots and dialogues on inter-faith harmony. He said that university was an omen of academic excellence and national and international collaborations on key issues of Muslim societies.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh briefed him about IIUI’s role in polio eradication and told that university through its constituent units Dawah Academy and Iqbal Institute for Research and Dialogue was closely with WHO, Prime Minister’s polio cell, Islamic scholars and other relevant organization as it has arranged various meetings of special advisory group formed for polio eradication.

The IIUI President also told on the occasion that university was leaving no stone unturned to discuss main issues of Muslim societies and recently a seminar in collaboration with UNICEF and IIUI was held which resulted in a constructive dialogue and recommendations. Dr. Al-Draiweesh also briefed about the IIUI’s faculties and constituent units.


By: Muhammad Nauman [March 31st, 2017]

International Islamic University’s Iqbal International Institute for Research and dialogue (IRD) mustered students of Madaris hailing from various sects, where the participants had a dialogue and activities pertaining to inter-sect harmony and unity of Muslim Ummah in a recreation trip to Pir Sohawa.

The participants took part in the games, discussions and friendship sessions, where they exchanged phone numbers and agreed that there were minor differences in the sects which should be on the level of Islamic scholars, while they vowed that they will work together to preach the message that they will be disseminating resemblances prevailed in the sects instead of differences.

The activity was a second one in its nature as the IRD had arranged a same activity at Khewra couple of months back.

The concluding ceremony was attended by Rector IIUI Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, President IIUI Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, Vice President Academics Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Executive Director IRD Dr. Husn ul Amin, Dr. Fahad Al-Dakheel and relevant officials of the institute.

The IIUI Rector called upon the Muslim scholars to preach unity among the Muslims and said that Islam advocates patience and respect to the opinion of others. He lauded the activity while saying that such programs can be proved as vital milestones in terms of bringing the students of Madaris into mainstream. He said that IIUI focuses on producing balanced personalities and gives core importance to the Islamic values and teachings along with contemporary education. Dr. Masoom furthered that negative elements want to magnify sectarian differences in the Muslim societies and this issue must be dealt through a linkage of academia and Madaris mutually.

Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh emphasized on Muslim societies to create unity among the ranks and take practical steps to nullify the propaganda against Islam. He urged the participants to focus on research and disseminate Islam’s true message of peace and tranquility. He furthered that extremism and violence have nothing to do with Islam, while the religion is a staunch supporter of love for humanity and inter-faith harmony. IIUI President opined that Muslims would have to put aside sectarian differences and they would have to nurture their youth in the light of Islamic teachings. He added that IIUI was disseminating Islam’s message of peace through conferences, seminars and its constituent units, through programs and training courses, were striving for bridging the gap between the students of Madaris and universities.

Earlier, Dr. Husn Ul Amin welcomed the IIUI leadership and participants of the activity and briefed about the objectives of series of inter-sect harmony programs.

At the end, certificates of participation were awarded to the students by IIUI Rector and President.




By: Muhammad Nauman [March 31st, 2017]

A 5 day-long 8th annual book fair organized by the Dawah Academy of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) commenced here at Faisal Masjid Campus of the university which was inaugurated by Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, President IIUI.

The book-fair of the academy is its known tradition which has witnessed a mentionable response as it started on Thursday where people from all walks of life from the twin cities participated and took keen interest in the books which were being sold with discount.

As many as 50 renowned publishers from across the country have set their book stalls in Dawah Book Fair which will continue till  April 3 and books are being sold at 50% discounted rates. Inaugural ceremony was also attended by Director Dawah Academy Dr. Sohail Hassan and other high-ups of university and academy.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Al-Draiweesh said that IIUI would keep working to educate young minds of Ummah according to the Islamic values. He lauded the organizers of the book fair and hoped that this tradition will continue. He said that such activities are necessary for creating awareness about knowledge in the society. He maintained that IIUI is playing key role in disseminating Islamic values and IIUI’s Dawah academy’s role is appreciable in regard of preaching true image of Islam and discouraging violent attitudes. The President IIUI also hailed academy’s session of Quran and Hadith. He was of the view that Muslim societies have been facing negative propaganda which must be dealt by forming a roadmap to let the world know that Islam is religion of peace and there is no place for terrorism and extremism in Islam. He also highlighted importance of acquiring education and knowledge in Islam.

President IIUI said knowledge is of vital importance in Islam as first revelation even started with the word IQRA. President IIU further said that books play vital role in shaping the society and develop social and cultural values. He furthered that books are the most important source to disseminate Islam’s message to the world. Dr. Al-Draiweesh said that Quran and Sunnah are the basic sources of all the branches of knowledge and seeking knowledge is obligatory for Muslims.

He was of the view that contemporary time has diverted the trends towards modern gadgets but such efforts to organize book fairs are good source to promote culture of book reading.

Earlier, in his opening remarks, Dr Sohail Hassan welcomed all the representatives of book publishers and briefed the participants about book fair. He said trend of book reading has declined and such book fairs play vital role to promote reading culture. He also told that academy was also mulling to organize an international book-fair next year.

The event will continue till April 3, while academy will hold an international Mehfil e Husn e Qirat at Faisal Masjid campus of the university after Asar prayer on April 1.


By: Muhammad Nauman [March 31st, 2017]

Islam cares about childhood and Muslims regard children as gifts/trust from Allah (SWT). Parents will be held responsible for this trust on the Day of Judgment.

It was stated by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif Ahmad Al-Draiweesh while addressing a one day seminar on “Rights of Child in Islam” organized by Shariah Academy  of the International Islamic University Islamabad in collaboration with UNICEF.

The seminar was attended by Sara Coleman from UNICEF, while Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir, Vice President (AF&P), Judges, faculty members and students of the faculty of Shari & Law.

President IIU emphasized that rights of children be protected in  the Muslim socities. He said that hence Islam pays particular attention to rights of children and to the proper manner to raise them, so that they will be equipped to face the difficulties of life. We must pay more attention to the best interests of the children said Al-Draiweesh.  He furthered that all these principles were mentioned in Holys Qur’an and Ahadith. The President IIU expressed that children have the right to be fed, clothed and protected until they reach adulthood. He suggested that IIU is planning to organize an International conference on this topic.

During the event, Vice President IIUI Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir presented a paper on “The Higher Objectives of  Islamic Law and Protection of the Child”.

At the end President IIU presented University crest to MS Sara Coleman from UNICEF.

Reported by: Jamshed Ullah Khan


By: Muhammad Nauman [March 29th, 2017]

Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) launched its website and screened out its documentary in a ceremony held here at new campus of the university amid 10 years’ celebrations of excellence of IRD.

The website was inaugurated by IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and President IIUI Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh who also cut the cake on the occasion.

“IIUI has distinctive attributes of internationalization and Islamic values and its faculty and researches of constituent units hold a vital responsibility of disseminating both characters globally with a blend of Islam’s message of peace” said Dr. Masoom Yasinzai in his speech. He continued saying that universities are the places which provide solutions to the contemporary challenges and 180 universities of the country would have to lead from the front and produce feasible solutions to the problems of society. He furthered that IIUI, through its constituent units such as IRD, focusing upon addressing the societal issues and discouragement of negative attitudes. He said that IRD’s outreach programs, moots and musters are paying back as youth, teachers and students of Madaris  are being provided opportunities to be in the national stream.

He hailed IRD and urged its officials to follow the vision of its late Executive Director Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed. He emphasized that teachers of the Pakistani universities would have to play their role of society builders and he termed this responsibility as a justification of the bestowed responsibility to them.

Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, in his speech said that IIUI was working to disseminate the message of Islamic scholars and thinkers across the world and role of IRD was significant and appreciable in this regard. He furthered that IRD was heading towards right direction by spreading Iqbal’s message of Muslim unity and values of Islam to the society. The IIUI President maintained that Islam was religion of peace and tranquility and Islamic values have discouraged the negative attitudes such as extremism. He added that same lines have been given to the scholars and researches of the IRD. He appreciated the role of IRD and felicitated its officials on 10 years of success.

Earlier, Dr. Husn ul Amin, Executive Director IRD said in his remarks that the ceremony was held to mark the ten years of excellence. While briefing about the ongoing activities, he said that IRD was focusing on publications and told that soon as many as 10 books would be introduced which will be discussing psychology and extremism, governance and other vital topics. He apprised on the occasion that IRD will be giving training to one thousand teachers and one thousand students of Madaris in certification programs during the current year. He added that the institute will also be holding youth engagement programs this year.

Meanwhile, the IRD, in connection with its celebrations of 10 years of excellence,  will hold a recreation trip for seminary students of all schools of thought of twin cities today (Thursday) at 9am to 5 pm at Pir Sohawa, Islamabad. The event shall comprise different games and lectures. Rector and President IIUI shall be the chief guests on the occasion.


Faculty of Arabic Holds Debate Competition
By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman [March 29th, 2017]


Faculty of Arabic (Female Campus) International Islamic University, Islamabad organized annual Arabic inter faculty debate competition in connection with annual co-curricular activities. The competition observed large number of participant debaters from across the academic departments who delivered their best on the topic الأم مدرسة“.

Dr. Rukhsana Mir, Faculty of Sharia & Law, Dr. Salma Sehole and Dr. Shagufta Nasreen from Faculty of Arabic performed the responsibilities of judges.  . Rabia Kosar from Faculty of Arabic clinched 1st position while Aamna Akbar from Faculty of Ussul ud Din stood on 2nd position and Khola from Faculty of Sharia & Law was declared 3rd in position. Dr. Qadeera Saleem, Dr. Yasmeen Akhter and Dr. Samia Nazish were the organizers of the event.


By: Muhammad Nauman [March 29th, 2017]

The 2nd meeting of Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) of year 2017 was held on Tuesday under the Chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, President, IIUI.

It was also attended by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Vice President Academics, Prof. Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, Vice President (Higher Studies & Research), Deans, Heads of departments and other relevant officials including Director Academics Dr. Tahir Khalily.

The Board discussed and analyzed synopsis of thesis of MS and PhD students’ from Faculties of Management Sciences, Shariah & Law, Languages & Literature, Arabic and Engineering and Technology, IIUI. The Board issued key instructions for students regarding research work. 


By: Muhammad Nauman [March 28th, 2017]

Rector of the International Islamic University (IIU) Dr. Masoom Yasinzai has called for mingling the Islam and contemporary education in the young minds.

He made these remarks addressing to a 40-member delegation of students hailing from Cadet College, Killa Saifullah, Baluchistan which called on him at new campus of the university.

The delegation was led by Media Advisor of the collage, while teachers of the institution also accompanied him.

The IIU rector told that university has initiated a 50 seats package for the students of Baluchistan and presently nearly 700 students from Baluchistan acquiring quality education at the university.

He said that youth must be nurtured in a manner that they develop an element of mutual respect so they may be able to discourage rigidity and violence on difference of opinion. He said IIUI is providing a sectarian free milieu to the students of more than 40 countries.

The delegation participants took keen interest in the university and also visited Faisal Masjid camvarious departments of the university.


By: Muhammad Nauman [March 28th, 2017]

The Female Campus of International Islamic University organized a lecture cum discussion session on “Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases” which was delivered by Dr. Shatha Ahmad Al Draiweesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, College of Medicine King Saud University Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Shatha has recently completed her PhD from Melbourne University, Australia.

The speaker in her interactive session enlightened the audience about Characteristics of Chronic, Diseases major Non-communicable Diseases and Consequences of Food Sensitization. She highlighted various health issues and addressed the queries of audience in detail.

The audience termed the session as source of exquisite insight and they maintained that the lecture cleared their misunderstandings regarding man made health issues and they got awareness about ways to resolve common health issues.

In the end, Prof. Dr. Samina Malik expressed her gratitude to the resource person for her valuable time and faculty members and students for taking interest in the session.



By: Muhammad Nauman [March 28th, 2017]

“Dawah Book Fair” organised by Dawah Academy of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) will kick-off on March 30 at Faisal Masjid campus of the university.

The event will be inaugurated on March 30, 11 AM at Faisal Masjid campus, while as many as 50 publishers, printers and booksellers would setup stall in this five-day activity where books will be sold on mentionable discounts. It would remain open from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM till April 03, 2017.

Meanwhile, Dawah Academy will also hold international “ Mehfil e Husn e Qirat” on April 01 at Faisal Masjid campus after Namaz e Maghrib.