Sharī‘ah Academy of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) organized a Two-Day Islamic Procedural Law Orientation Course for Lawyers, Law Graduates, and Law Students IN which round 50 Senior Law Officers, Lawyers, Law Graduates, and Law Students from Pakistan and abroad participated the course.

The two days training course covered lectures on various significant topics ranging from Means of Proof in Islam Law and Pakistan Law, Role of Precedents in Islamic Judicial System, Role of Lawyers in Islamic Judicial System, Modes of Investigation in Islam, and “Woman as a Qazi and Witness in Islamic Law”.

Prominent scholars including Prof. Dr. Ata Ullah Faizi, Director-General (Sharī‘ah Academy), Barrister Usama Malik, Director (Directorate of Legal Education Pakistan Bar Council), Prof. Dr. Anwarullah, former Advisor to the Sultan of Brunei, Dr. Moti ur Rehman, Senior Advisor (Federal Shariat Court), Mr. Saqib Faraz, Deputy Director (Directorate of Legal Education Pakistan Bar Council), Prof. Dr. Abdul Haye Abro, Chairman (Department of Fatwa Studies), Dr. Shams ul Haq, Chairman (Department of Training), and Mr. Hafiz Ahmad Waqas, Lecturer (Department of Training), interacted with the participants and shared their insights during the course .

The conclusion ceremony of course was held at Faisal Majid Campus of the university in which the participants thanked the Academy for holding this course which covered significant topics for law students. Prof. Dr. Atta Ullah Faizai, Director-General Shariah Academy, expressed gratitude to the University’s administration, specifically to Prof. Dr. Samina Malik, Rector (IIUI) and Prof. Dr. Hathal Hamoud Alotaibi, President (IIUI) for their tremendous support, further he expressed gratitude to the course participants and the Sharī‘ah Academy faculty and staff for their efforts for organizing this course successful.