A seminar titled “Solidarity with Pakistan and Youth” was convened at the International Islamic University Islamabad, co-organized by the Students Advisor Office and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. The event aimed to address both national pride and career guidance for students.
Speakers highlighted the necessity of fostering a positive image of Pakistan while discouraging negative agendas that hinder national progress. Dr. Ghufran Ali Khan, the Students Advisor, passionately expressed the unmatched love for the homeland, urging attendees to appreciate the country’s contributions, citing examples of valorous national heroes like Rashid Minhas and Maj. Aziz Bhatti.

Dr. Manzoor Afridi stressed the importance of prioritizing national interests and cultivating active citizenship among the participants. His emphasis resonated with the audience, underlining the responsibility of every citizen towards the betterment of the nation.
Dr. Engr. Adnan Aslam Noon, Chairperson of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, provided valuable insights into future counseling, career development, and the potential of startups. His address emphasized meticulous planning for the future and the need to instill confidence in students as they navigate their professional journeys.


Muftooh Siddiqi, the keynote speaker, delved into global trends and technological advancements, particularly in digital and smart manufacturing. He underscored the significance of active learning in adapting to these changes and successfully navigating the evolving industrial landscape.
Overall, the seminar provided a platform for attendees to gain valuable perspectives on both national pride and career advancement, reaffirming their commitment to contribute positively to Pakistan’s progress.