Dean's Message
I am delighted that you are thinking to come to do your degree at the Faculty of Arabic (FALIC). The Arabic language is no more the language of certain race rather it has been the tool of learning and thinking of the whole Muslim nation since the arising of Islam 14th centuries ago. The Islamic character of the Faculty is reflected in teaching Arabic Literature of various Muslim regions such as Arab World, Spain and Indian Sub-continent. Besides many courses in the language and style of the Quran are also offered.
The International Character of our program is reflected in offering courses in modern linguistics, stylistics, disclosure analysis, modern literary criticism, comparative literature and English.
Professor Dr. Fazalullah
Ph: +92 51 9257933
  • To produce specialists in various aspects of Arabic language in order to promote the Holy Quran.
  • To produce an ideal Programe for teaching non-Arab students as required by the circumstances of their development of Arabic language and Arabic literature in their respective countries with reference to Arabic language.
  • To develop the skill/knowledge of students in Arabic language as reflected in the Holy Quran and tradition of Holy Prophet.
Participation and contribution for promotion of Arabic in Pakistan in view of its fresh importance in the wake of present drive to implement Shariah in the country. Islamization of the country’s Law cannot materialize without dissemination of knowledge of Arabic language. In order to realize these objectives, the Faculty offers various Courses in linguistic and Literary studies taught by some disguised members of Academic Staff from Arabic speaking countries.
Department of Literature
Department of Linguistics
Department of Arabic Language Teaching Unit
Department of Translation & Interpretation
The Faculty has both graduate and post-graduate programme
B.A.(Hons) Arabic
B.A.(Hons) Translation & Interpretation
Master programme
M.Phil Arabic
M.Phil in Teaching Arabic for none Arab
Ph.D. Programme:
The Students in the Faculty are coming from Pakistan and some other countries such as China, Afghanistan, Somalia and Indonesia. If you join us you will become a member of an academic community which is proud of its Islamic tradition and its contemporary education. I look forward to welcoming you here and hope that you will enjoy yourself and participate fully in our programmes.
Male Campus:
Room#: C-004
Faculty Block 1
Ph: +92 51 9257933
Female Campus:
Room#: C-25, Faculty Block III
Ph: +92-51-9257967