The Department of Teacher Education, Female Campus organized a workshop titled “Precision in Print: A Workshop on Formatting Mastery” which was conducted to address the need for hands-on practice and guidance on academic formatting standards specific to MS level assignments and research proposals. The objectives of the workshop were to familiarize MS students with academic standards, engage them in practical exercises, and provide a platform to address their challenges in formatting.

Dr. Saima Kanwal, Assistant Director, Office of the Rector IIUI, served as the resource person, leading the workshop with expertise and guidance. The workshop commenced with an introduction to the importance of adhering to formatting standards in academic writing, emphasizing professionalism and precision. Practical exercises were conducted, allowing students to apply formatting rules, styles, and citation methods commonly used in MS-level assignments and proposals. Dedicated time was allocated for students to ask questions and discuss common challenges they face in formatting their academic work.

The workshop on “Precision in Print: A Workshop on Formatting Mastery” provided MS students with valuable insights and practical skills essential for academic writing at the MS level. Through engaging activities and expert guidance from Dr. Saima Kanwal, participants gained confidence and proficiency in adhering to formatting standards. The event concluded successfully, leaving attendees better equipped to present their academic work with professionalism and precision.