International Conference on the Role of Islamic Universities in Maturation and Promulgation of Aqidah and its impact on the Unity of Ummah

International Conference on:
the Role of Islamic Universities in Maturation and Promulgation of Aqīdah and its impact on the Unity of Ummah
(09-10 May, 2018)

Organized by
Department of Aqidah & Philosophy, faculty of Usuluddin
International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
in Collaboration with
Al-Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Higher Education Commission – Islamabad, Pakistan

Introduction of the Conference
The Muslim Ummah is undergoing various transformations and multiple challenges and crises, which are subjected to difficult choices and tough tests either to remain strong or maintain peace with prosperous environment or become subjected to dependency and indignation. Apparently, the latter choice seems to suit ground realities of Muslim Ummah today but it does not match with its glorious historical and civilizational heritage that remained for centuries, exemplifying progress in scientific and practical fields. The aforementioned challenges and choices demand vigilant approach from the Ummah to develop the human behavior with wisdom to promulgate the voice of peace and prosperity around the globe.
It is not surprising that there is unanimity of opinion among scholars for saving the Ummah from these integral crises, and strengthening its unity and cohesion which is possible only through guidance from the Quran and Sunah, and by making use of this guidance together with its intellectual fortunes and established scientific strongholds, operating in its research institutes and universities throughout the entire Muslim world. This inspires the intellectuals to preserve the Ummah from divisions, decadence of thoughts, discordance, and distortion in Aqīdah (Muslim creed). 
Therefore it is important to set a course for engaging the role of Islamic Universities in consolidation and dissemination of the exact Aqīdah , to pioneer in its mission as its existence in premises of Muslim society constitute a prosperous academic environment for development and research enabling a platform for moral and civilizational growth.

Vision of the Conference:
To activate role of the universities in accordance with their mission and objectives in rooting exact doctrine among their students through formulation of methods and curriculum that reflect in their output and absorbing its benefits in the society and humanity, and demonstrate the reality of moderation in realm of Islam.

Conference Message:
To foster the exact doctrine nascent from the Quran and Sunnah, and to encompass a balanced scale for weighing words, actions, doctrines and ambitions, that become the landmark for progress and development, and intellectual platform to purify ideas from doubts of rigorous attitudes, thoughts, and extravagance, extremism and terrorism.

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To acknowledge and take up the efforts of the universities in the field of research and development to  consolidate the faith in the hearts of its students and members of society in order to prevent the polarization of extremist groups
  2. To highlight the centrality of the exact doctrine in the unity of Ummah that coincides with the objectives and mission of Islamic universities and to keep aside doctrinal differences and sectarianism.
  3. To provide an opportunity for scholars, thinkers and experts to share and exchange their experiences and views to repel the wave of suspicions that are falsely affixed to the Islamic faith.
  4. To support and back up vision of the International Islamic University, Islamabad to cope with extremism, violence and terrorism and to promote a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between Muslim groups and humanity as a whole according to the correct belief derived from the Quran and Sunnah.
  5. To put forward visions about the importance of faith to individuals and society in achieving the desired differentiation and strive to build a civilization that is strong scholarly, academically, economically, politically and socially.

Major Themes of the Conference

    Theme No. 1: Methodology of Prophets and Messengers in promulgating and Inculcating the Doctrine of Twahid

    1. The methodology of the Quran in originating the doctrine and its encounter with innate mind.
    2. Meccan period and its temporal and spatial significance in establishing the doctrine methodologically and ethically.
    3. Method of the companions of the Prophet and the predecessors in advocating the correct doctrine and its practical application

    Theme No. 02: The Sources of Inculcating Aqīdah

    1. The Scope and mandate of the fundamentals of Aqīdahin the Quran and Sunnah
    2. Effect of Inculcating Aqīdahin developing spirits
    3. Works of the Scholars of Ahl al-Sunnahwa al Jama‘ahin demonstration of exact belief
    4. Role of media in rooting the exact Aqīdahand unity of Ummah

    Theme No. 3: The role of Islamic universities in actualization the exact doctrinal concepts

    1. Islamic Universities and their role in the dissemination of Islamic sciences in order to activate its mission and objectives.
    2. The curricula of the Islamic sciences in Islamic universities and their impact on awareness among young generation.
    3. The role of Islamic universities in the detection of the causes of deviation and methods of prevention.
    4. The curricula of Islamic universities and their impact on raising awareness of the fundamentals of the correct doctrine and its components.

    Theme No. 4: The efforts of Muslim scholars in Defense of Aqīdahand Unity of Ummah.

    1. The efforts of scholars of Ahl al-Sunnahwa al Jama‘ah in negating the false Doctrinal ideologies.
    2. Role of Moderate Scholars in presenting the Issues of Aqīdah according to Quran &Sunnah
    3. The influence of Sects and Kalami doctrines in dealing with modern theological issues in contemporary era.

    Theme No. 5: The Exact Aqīdahand its Ethical impact

    1. Aqīdah and its potential inrooting the methodology of moderation, coexistence and rejection of extre
    2. mism and terrorism
    3. The impact of the application of the doctrine of the Quranic approach and conduct in achieving unity and competing biased contemporary challenges.
    4. The Impact of exact belief in escaping individual and society from destructive themes.
    5. Common denominators between faith and civilizational progress.
Important Dates
Deadline for receiving Abstracts January 25, 2018
Deadline for approval of Abstracts February  15, 2018
Deadline for submission of complete research March 25, 2018
Conference Dates May 09-10, 2018
Venue of the Conference:
Quaid e Azam Auditorium, Faisal Masjid Campus Islamabad
International Islamic University Islamabad


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Postal Address: Conference Secretariat: Room No. B021, Faculty of Usuluddin, Imam Abu Hanifa Block, International Islamic University (H/10) Islamabad, Pakistan

Conference Coordinators
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Dr. Muhammad Arif (00-92-312-5550446)
Deputy Head
Sajjad Ahmed (0092  300  7247728)
Assistant Director (Male Campus)
Ms. Sajida Muhammad Jamil
Assistant Professor (0092-321-9569226)
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Conference Sponsorship:
Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Yusuf Al-Draiweesh, President of the International Islamic University, Islamabad.