Vice President (Administration and Finance) Professor, Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani, under the guidance of the Worthy President, Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi, paid a visit to the New Academic Block at the new campus of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). The purpose of the visit was to inspect the final preparations and ongoing progress for the shifting of the Directorate of Academics and Examinations, as well as the Students Facilitation Center.

Accompanied by Director of the President’s Office, Dr. Ali Metab Alahmari, and other officials from the Academics department, the Vice President received a comprehensive briefing on the overall progress of the project, including space allocation, renovation work, and other related arrangements.

During the visit, Dr. N. B. Jumani emphasized the need for expediting any pending tasks and said that a report be submitted to him on a priority basis.

Dr. Ali, Director of the President’s Office, expressed his commitment to ensuring the successful completion of the project and highlighted the importance of teamwork and coordination among all stakeholders. He also announced that the next visit, which will include all relevant stakeholders and follow a master plan, would be conducted soon.

Dr. Jumani reiterated the top priority status of renovation, repair, networking, horticulture, and electrical and civil work. He made it clear that no negligence would be tolerated regarding the assigned completion targets, emphasizing the responsibility of each individual involved in the process.

Furthermore, the Vice President emphasized the shared responsibility of creating an ideal environment for the students, aligning with the vision of the Worthy President of IIUI.

He further added that all stakeholders must remain committed in smooth transition of the Directorate of Academics and Examinations, highlighting the vision of the Worthy President to enhance the educational experience for its students.