Second Conference on Mathematical Sciences (SCMS-2013)
Conference Days: November 1st & 2nd, 2013  
In continuation, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan is arranging “Second Conference on Mathematical Sciences (SCMS-2013)”.
Aim of the Conference
With an aim to enhance the understanding of Mathematics and to provide an opportunity to the working mathematicians, encourage the exchange of ideas with colleagues at the national level, a Second National Conference on Mathematical Sciences 2013 has been scheduled.

The conference would provide the platform to the faculty members and MS/Ph.D. research scholars to share knowledge and having interacting, interdisciplinary dialogues among scientists to appraise the status of Mathematical Sciences and Research in the country. This conference would also provide a stimulating opportunity to meet experts from various universities/institutions in a variety of branches of mathematics. This will also serve as a beacon for the future roadmap of science in the country.

Through stimulations of cross-disciplinary and cross academic-practitioner discussions and networking, participants can further enhance and enrich their knowledge on the dynamism of Mathematical Sciences

Benefits of this conference
This event will turn to be a national one and many legendary mathematicians will be participate in the conference. It will be an ideal opportunity for young researchers who have recently done their Ph.Ds and are at the initial stage of their research work. They will establish interaction with the senior/experienced mathematicians. Furthermore, MS and Ph.D. students will get many innovative ideas by participating in the conference. Besides, they will have the chance to polish their skills and this will help them to expedite their research work.