Prof. Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi

Message of the President
President IIUIIn the name of Allah and peace be upon our noble Prophet Mohammad, his family and companions.

I welcome you in International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) which is known as a hub of educational and research excellence. Since its establishment in 1980 A.D. thousands of outstanding students have graduated in various fields like; Shari’ah, Arabic, Engineering, Management Sciences, Islamic Economics, Computer Science and Applied Sciences etc.

The university is now following it strategic plan 2022-2026 which will lead it towards a higher international ranking among well reputed universities via restructuring its programs and curriculums to bring in line with the international standards being followed in international prestigious universities in terms of education, innovation, and research.

IIUI will continue to expand its partnerships with local and international universities and centers of research and international studies, beside signing MOU’s with International Organizations for supporting research activities and for employment of our Alumni.

I pray to Allah to guide us to make efforts for prosperity and betterment of the University.

Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi

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