Journal of Business and Management Sciences


The Journal of “Business & Management Sciences” is a peer-reviewed journal launched in February 2011, by the Faculty of Management Sciences, at International Islamic University Islamabad. The Journal will be published biannually and the researchers/academicians are encouraged to submit their research papers in the fields of Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, and Technology Management, which may have impact on national and global economies.
Efforts have been made to ensure that the journal (JBMS) is accessible to higher education students, scholars, policy makers and researchers. The journal aims to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the fields of:

1. International Financial Management, Portfolio Management
2. Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance
3. Forecasting Financial Markets, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Monitoring
4. Financial Econometrics, International Entrepreneurship
5. Issues of HRM in Multinationals
6. Organization Development and Change Management
7. Strategic HR Management, People and Organizations

InsightsISSN: 2220-9220

8. Strategic Marketing, Product and Brand Management, Service Marketing, Media Marketing, Social Marketing, CSR, CRM, Entrepreneurial Marketing
9. Advertising, Relationship Management
10. Technology Development and Innovation
11. Knowledge Management, Total Quality Management
12. Project Management
The emphasis will be on publishing quality articles and making them freely available to researchers worldwide. The journal will provide essential reading for Academia and Researchers who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of Management Sciences.

Editorial Policies and Submissions

  • A full double blind referring process is used for reviewing the original research articles.
  • The articles are mailed to professional competent reviewers for review
  • The acceptance or rejection of the papers is decided on the basis of the recommendations of the reviewers.
  • The papers received after recommended changes, if any, will be reviewed by the same reviewers to ensure the acceptability of the paper.
  • Acceptance letter will be issued only after the acceptance of the paper.
  • The author will be notified of the month of publication of his/her paper.
  • One copy of the journal where the article of the researcher is published will be mailed to him/her.
  • Review process could take two to three weeks.
  • The publisher/journal is not responsible for subsequent publication of the research work, elsewhere.
  • All manuscripts must be submitted electronically through email to the editor at [email protected]