Islamians Alpine Club


Islamians Alpine Club is one of the sports societies of the International Islamic University Islamabad also affiliated with the Alpine Club of Pakistan authorized to conduct activities on adventure and other thrilling sports since 1992.since then different healthy activities has been organized by the club for the students of the university. The club facilities its members and make them aware of the beauty of the mountains, deserts and seas starting from the waives of Arabian Sea from Gawadar and Karachi till the boarder of China. Not only has this but the club aimed to expand its activities to Nepal and the other part of the beautiful world.

Aims and Objectives:
  • Promote, organize and conduct mountain exploration, mountain climbing, skiing and related activities;
  • Organize, encourage and finance the visits of climbers, skiers, and mountain lovers from all over Pakistani Universities;
  • Organize courses of instructions; set up and administer institutions for training amateur and professional climbers and skiers, and award appropriate certificates, prizes, diplomas, medals, and other marks of recognition of excellence.
  • Arrange different kinds of competitions among the members of the Society and with members of other societies;
  • Send representatives and participants on national and international events in accordance with the object of the Society;
  • Improve the reputation of the University by askew demonstrating good performance;
  • Maintain high standards in the fields of mountaineering and skiing;
  • Maintain liaison with official and non-official organizations concerned with the same or similar objects in Pakistan and abroad;
  • Raise funds by way of the sports budget from the University, donations , feeds, endowments, investments and otherwise; and administer hold and utilize the funds; property and assets for the objects of the Club;
  • Make necessary regulations and bye-laws for the management of the Club;
  • Affiliate mountaineering, hiking trekking and skiing societies of other universities on such terms and conditions as may determined and;
  • Sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease or let, under lease, sublet, dispose of turn to account or otherwise deal with, all or any part of the property of the Club;
  • To construct upon and premises acquired for the purposes of the Society, any building or buildings for the purposes of the Society  after obtaining permission of the higher authority of the University;
  • Borrow or raise money required for the purposes of the Society upon such terms and in such manner and on such securities as may be determined by the University, particular by the issue of debentures charged upon all or any of the property of the Society;
  • Do all such acts as are incidental to and conducive towards the attainment of the objects of the Club.
Contact Us:

Brady Coleman

Chairman Islamians Alpine Club

[email protected]

Executive Council for the Year 2010-2011:

Sohail Khan






Ali Usman

General Secretary

Abdullah Faizi

Finance Secretary

Ameer Ali

Information Secretary