Islamians Adventure Club (IAC)

Islamians Adventure Club (IAC) was formed by the Female Students of international Islamic university in August 2010. Since then, members of IAC have upheld the traditions of adventure and spirited participation within the students, alumni and faculty of IIUI… Every month, IAC organizes several trips and expeditions to various locations in Pakistan. The enthusiasm of the participants of these endeavors to face the physical and mental challenges that entail is what has essentially made a success not just as a student society but as a body that is known nationally for its efforts to promote and offer adventure activities. We believe that the nature of our activities offers a unique experience, one that offers the lessons of traveling and survival, the leisure of visiting several breathtaking locations of our country and the experience of leading and participating in communal activities of diverse groups. IAC is proud to celebrate its achievements and the courage and spirits of its members and the participants of trips.
The objects of the Club shall be the promotion of good fellowship among mountain lovers, promotion of mountain climbing and skiing, mountain exploration, generally throughout Pakistan, and particularly in International Islamic University, and of impressing knowledge of the mountains through literature, science, art, and sport
IAC is the Official Adventure club of international Islamic university and are by far one of its kind in comparison to other societies throughout different universities in Pakistan.
The Club shall be a non-profit earning organization as defined in section 15-d (1) of the Income Tax Act, 1922. Apart from mountaineering it will also organizes events like rock climbing, cliff diving, water-rafting, and skiing, ice climbing, paragliding, trekking, water sports etc. These are organized at a quarterly frequency – including weekend trips to trips lasting over the entire quarter break, as well as month long summer expeditions. Executive Council of the Islamians Adventure Society is in touch with the other Adventure Clubs of Pakistan for guideline and support in the field of adventure like The Ultimate Adventure Club, Alpine Club of Pakistan, Adventure Club of Pakistan, Fast Adventure Club, Skans Tours Society, Lums Adventure Society, Quaidians Adventure Club, Nust Adventure Club and many other clubs