Environmental Club

Environment Club International Islamic University Islamabad has been a body of environmentalists active since 2007. It has performed a laudable role in gathering information, organizing different programs and spreading awareness among the masses. It has always strived for the betterment of environment at the university campus and its premises. Besides immense problems it faced in the past, the club is steadily heading towards its destination. This club, formed with noble, high ambitions, is determined to accumulate strength and resources and then spend them to meet its goals.
Aims and Objectives:
  1. To strength relation and coordination among the students and the university to protect and improve the environmental conditions.
  2. To provide a platform for the students of IIUI to let them know about the responsibilities regarding the environment.
  3. To improve the civic environmental standards and increase the use of environmental friendly materials.
  4. To spread the teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammad (SW) about environment round the globe.
  5. To create awareness about the Islam’s emphasis to keep the environment clean and green and strive collectively to meet the contemporary challenges threatening our planet, Earth.
  6. To strive in best possible way to promote and promulgate the aims and objectives of the club and publish bulletins, literature, etc in this regard.
  7. To coordinate and cooperate with the environmental NGOs/GOs for environmental protection and conservation.