Volume 2, Issue 2, 2021
Economic Perspective of Islamic Business and Financing Techniques
Muhammad Ayub
The Impact of Investor Psychological Biases on their Investment Performance: An Empirical Evidence Using Microdata
Neelam Kubra, Afshan Iram, Bibi Asab, Muhammad Jamil
Why People are Willing to be Out of the Labour Force: A Case Study of Swegalai Swat
Muhammad Jasim, Anwar Shah, and Najibullah
Natural Resource Dependence and Life Expectancy Nexus: The Role of Education
Hubert Visas, Jabbar Ul-Haq, and Sana Khanum
Non-marketed Valuation of Khanpur Lake using Travel Cost Method
Gul Habiba, Faisal Jamil, and Iftikhar Hussain Adil