Foreign/Expatriate Pakistani Students

Guide Lines for Foreigner / Overseas Pakistani Candidates

  1. Overseas Candidates has to apply for admission directly to IIUI, through its Online Application Form or prescribed application form available on IIUI website ( No admission shall be accepted/entertained through any representative/third party.

    Following documents are required to be uploaded / attached with admission application form:

    • Application processing fee (Non-refundable) amounting to US $ 75/=  and attach copy of deposit slip / challan or Bank Draft or Pay Order with application form favoring IIU Islamabad.
    • Copies of all verified documents must be attached/uploaded with application form.
    • Passport size Photographs with blue back ground.
    • Copy of Passport Residential Permit (Eqama), Overseas ID card, NOC of /o Foreign Affairs or Your Embassy in Pakistan. Incase of below the age of 18 years copy of Child Registration Form, (B-Form) of the candidate.
    • Three copies of duly filled government of Pakistani Permission form (Students’ Information Sheet) available at IIUI website.
    • Undertaking for Admission on Paper Qualification (available at IIUI website:
  2. Admission shall be granted to all foreigners / Overseas Pakistani candidates on the basis of paper qualification in all faculties except Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET) after fulfillment of the following requirements:
    • Verified Educational documents (all degree / certificates)
    • Valid Passport / Valid Study Visa.
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their Ministry of Foreign Affairs or their Embassy in Pakistan.
    • In case of Overseas Pakistani, Residential Permit (Eqama), Overseas ID Card or B-form.
  3. After confirmation of admission, the case(s) of the foreigner candidates(s) shall be forwarded to Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad along with their passport copy, photographs, admission letter, NoC of their Embassy or M/o Foreign Affairs and Student’s Information Sheet for Issuance of No Objection Certificate (NoC).
  4. The applicant should immediately apply for study visa to Pakistan Embassy/Mission in their home country. They may not travel to Pakistan without obtaining valid study visa, as no student is allowed to join the University without proper study visa.
  5. Foreign Diplomats and Multiple visa holders present in Pakistan: In case a foreign Diplomat or Multiple Visa holder present in Pakistan gets admission in IIUI, shall be required to obtain No Objection Certificate (NoC) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan for study purpose before joining.
  6. After joining, all the foreign/Overseas Pakistani students shall be referred to relevant language proficiency test to be conducted by Arabic Language Teaching Unit and English Language Teaching Unit. The student shall be placed in the language class for Language improvement (if required). No student shall be allowed to register the regular courses of semester before passing the language level test.
  7. Admission to Afghan National (Refugees) candidates shall be granted only on the basis of Test/Interviews.
  8. All foreigners/Overseas Pakistani students shall bound to obtain proper equivalence of their foreign educational certificates/degree from Inter-board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Islamabad and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad with the required percentage of marks/CGPA, and submit to Overseas Admissions Office within six months after joining the University. In case of failure they will not be allowed to continue their study without the required equivalence until they obtain it.
  9. After confirmation of their admissions / joining, the Provost concerned shall ensure the hostel seats before or at the time of joining so that the candidates directly move to their hostel’s room easily. 
  10. Admission to Foreigners/Overseas Pakistani is offered in one degree program and it is not allowed to switch-over to any other degree program after joining the University.
  11. Admission cases of male and female candidates shall be dealt by Admission Office Male and Admission Office female separately.

Complete form to be sent to following addresses:-

Overseas Admission Office, Student Facilitation Center,
International Islamic University Sector H-10, Islamabad – Pakistan.
Email: [email protected]
Ph: +92-51-9258007, 9019565; Fax: +92-51-9257915.

Overseas Admission Office, Student Facilitation Center,
International Islamic University Sector H-10, Islamabad – Pakistan.
Email: [email protected]
Ph: +92-51-9019288; Fax: +92-51-9257929.

Grant of Admission and Visa Formalities:

  1. IIUI issues admission offer letter to successful candidate and copy of the same is sent to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan along with Student Information Sheet, copy candidate’s Passport, NOC of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Embassy. HEC coordinates all approvals/verification for the student’s visa requirement.
  2. After completion of requirements, Ministry of Interior Govt. of Pakistan sends visa advice to Pakistani Embassy/High Commission of the country of student’s origin for issuance of study visa to the applicant.
  3. Student(s) approaches Pakistani Embassy/High Commission at his country of origin for grant of study visa along with following documents:
  4. Visa Application Form (available at the M/o Interior Website)
  5. Photocopy of Passport
  6. Photographs
  7. Educational Documents
  8. Copy of Admission letter of the University
  9. Student visa is issued by Pakistani Embassy/High Commission after fulfillment of all requirements for period of one year to be renewed / extended annually on the basis of security clearance.
  10. Extension in visa is granted by the M/o Interior, Govt. of Pakistan on production of   following documents:
  11. Visa Extension form.
  12. Bona-fide Student Certificate to be issued by IIUI in due course.
  13. NoC of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and NoC from their Embassy.
  14. Photographs.
  15. The student directly approaches to the concerned authorized passport office of the region along with above listed documents for extension in visa.
  16. Intimation regarding any student leaving IIUI or not remaining a full-time student of IIUI is immediately reported to HEC for onward submission to Ministry of Interior, Govt. of Pakistan for necessary action.
Q.. How I can apply to academic programs?
A. Apply online through univeristy website
Q. Can I download application from  the web site of the university?
A. Yes, you can download application  form by clicking here. In case of difficulty, send an email to [email protected] and you will be sent application form through email.
Q. I applied for admission in the last semester but was not successful. Do I need to apply again?
A. Yes, you must apply again if you want to be admitted to the program of your choice.
Q. I am a foreign student and do not live in Pakistan. Am I eligible to apply for the program of my choice. If yes, how I can apply to the program of my choice?
A. You need to apply through your embassy or send your application directly to Additional Director (Acad) Overseas IIUI. You can download the application form by clicking here.
Q.. Does my foreign degree qualify me for graduate study at International Islamic University?
A. International Islamic University's assessment of a foreign degree is based on the characteristics of your national educational system, the type of institution you attended and the level of studies completed.
Q. My transcripts are not in English. Will you accept them?
A. Yes, but the transcripts must be submitted with translations from your school or a professional translating service. The translations must be literal, complete versions of the original documents.
Q. I am a female student and do not have residence in Islamabad. Do you have separate hostel facilities for girls?
A. Yes, we have separate woman campus for girls and separate hostel facilities for girls. However, hostel is subject to availability as great number of students apply for hostel. So, even you are guaranteed admission in the university, we do not guarantee you will get accommodation in hostel.
Q. I do not have my own transport. Does university provides transport facilities to students?
A. Yes, the university has excellent transport facilities for male as well as female students. These buses run round the clock to various point in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and its suburbs.
Q.. How do I apply for undergraduate admission?
A. There are essentially three steps here. First, you should be aware of the requirements Second, you should complete and submit an application. Third, you should have any transcripts/test scores mailed to our office. Overseas applicants including Expatriates Pakistanis are exempted from admission test except for admission in Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
Q. Are male & female studying together ?
A. Male and female study separately in this university.
Q. Do you have female teacher for female student ?
A. Female have their own female and some male teachers.
Q. What facility you have in your hostel ?
A. In hostels, we have shared rooms of two, three and more occupants, an almirah, a table/chair, mess for food.