Employees Welfare Fund of International Islamic University was established in June 1, 1994. The objective of the fund is to help employees in their acute financial needs through grants/loans from the fund.

The source of the funds is monthly contribution of the members, donation and deductions from Part Time Teaching Bills, (mandatory for all part time teachers engaged from inside and outside the university as laid down in the terms and conditions of Part Time Teaching agreement), Advertisement bills, 10% share of all IIU canteen & shops, and 1% share of all receipts after franchise agreement of IIU Schools.

Non refundable financial support is provided to the members of welfare fund on the occasion of death of a member or family members (spouse, children and parents), permanent invalidation of a member. In order to encourage the children of the members to excel in studies one time scholarship on acquiring 70% and above marks in the Middle/Board /University examination, is also provided.

 Refundable loans are also provided to the members for self marriage and children’s marriage, House Repair, Emergency, Outdoor Medical Treatment and Research Advance etc. In order to consider and coordinate requests for financial assistance to deserving applicants, a Standing Welfare Fund Committee consisting of employees of BPS-1 to BPS-22 among the members of the welfare Fund is constituted each year as per the provision of Welfare Fund Rules.

Two types of Loans /Assistance is provided to the members out of Welfare Fund (i) Refundable (ii) Non Refundable Financial Assistance. The detail of amount and date of submission of application is provided at Annex-II. A member seeking for financial assistance or refundable loan is required to fill in the Performa (Appendix A or B) and submit it to the dealing Assistant for Secretary of Employees Welfare Fund Committee (Room No#201, Admin Block Finance Department) within the stipulated time.