Dean's Message
Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) at International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan.

FSS is proud of interdisciplinary nature of research and teaching. What does that mean? At FSS, we want to develop solutions to real-world problems. So Psychologists work with Teacher educators, Historians work with Political scientists to name but a few examples. Each of our disciplines will provide you with exciting challenges in how you view the world in which we live and into which you will graduate. Our work is deeply rooted in the investigation of the human condition and in pointing a way towards the future.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to think deeply and critically about the issues you face locally and globally. You will be prepared to take up the challenge of shaping the society of the future through your social relationships, through your career, and through the personal choices you make. As an educated social scientist, you will help shape how society thinks about and interacts with advances in the sciences, engineering, medicine, law, and business. Many of you will serve as a moral compass in your local communities, our nation, or our world/ Muslim Ummah.

In our Social Sciences programs, you will learn to think critically and argue persuasively. You will gain important job-related skills in methods of research, and data analysis and interpretation. You will understand how cultural, economic, political, psychological, and social phenomena influence human behaviour. You will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to live an informed life, and to make your communities and the world a better place.

The FSS offers a tremendous range of personal and professional development opportunities, including degree programs in Anthropology, Education, History and Pakistan Studies, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, and programs in Islamic Arts and Architecture and Media and Communication Studies. Programs in the Social Sciences offer a unique combination of the theoretical and the practical. You will broaden your critical understanding of the social, political, economic, and historical forces that shape our society, and develop technical research, analytical, and communication skills that prepare you to succeed in our rapidly changing environment.

FSS is 2500 students strong, with 90 permanent Faculty. We are made up of 8 Departments in male campus and 8 departments in women campus. The Faculty has at its disposal the services of internationally reputed scholars including those possessing Ph.D. degrees. The Faculty offers scholarships to three outstanding students of every program in each semester. We will be proud to count you among our many successful graduates.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Phone: (+92) 051 – 9257961, (+92) 051 – 9019646, (+92) 051 – 9019475, Ext. 2646, 2475
Fax: (+92) 051 – 9258004
Email: [email protected]
Room No.A-202, Faculty Block-I
Administrative Staff (Dean FSS Office)
Male Campus:
Room: A-202
Phone: (+92) 051-9019475, Ext. 2475