The department of Urdu was established in 2005 under the Faculty of Languages and Literature. This is indeed an important landmark in the history of IIUI. Its establishment is unique in the sense that it is the first department of its kind in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Urdu is not mere a language; it holds an ideology akin to the ideology of Pakistan. The department of Urdu at IIUI has been established to develop Urdu language and literature keeping in view the new global realities and to make it grow as an international language of sciences, technology, politics and culture.
That is why the scheme of studies of M.S., M.A. and B.S. is designed in such a way that it may cater to the needs of prospective researchers in this vital national discipline. Urdu is in dire need to have a new generation of young enthusiastic scholars and researchers to take the place of the old guards who, of course, made tremendous contributions to develop Urdu as a language. The present global surge in linguistic studies is a challenge that Urdu scholars need to meet with scientific research. The history of nations who have made a mark in the fields of natural and social sciences is witness to the fact that without developing their national language a nation cannot make progress and compete in the polity of nations. The Department of Urdu at IIUI has set such goals for itself and is working and developing in this direction.
Dr. Syed Kamran Abbas Kazmi
Chairperson, Department of Urdu
Male Campus:
Room #: B-003 Faculty Block II
Female Campus:
Room #: D-017, Al-Bairuni Block