Message From the Dean, FLL

I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Languages and Literature, at IIU. FLL is devoted to bringing excellence in teaching, learning and research. Through its various programs, the Faculty aims to help students become responsible citizens, employable graduates and enlightened humans. In a multicultural environment our qualified faculty imparts the most important skills needed today in the global spheres: work ethics, professionalism, communication and leadership. Along with this, the staff at the Faculty also provides maximum support to figure out students matters.


The Faculty of Languages and Literature comprises of the following departments:





We offer specialized study in fields as diverse as national and foreign languages and literature, namely English, Urdu, Persian and Chinese. On the other side, we are equally focused on our regional and local languages and literature. We offer different levels of courses in Pashto and Balochi.

Our scholarly research is central to the challenges of the day such as intolerance, insecurity, class gap, minorities’ rights, gender and racism. There is a growing demand for the humanities’ expertise in literatures, cultures, religions, languages, multilingualism, and multiculturalism. We aim to create leaders through developing intercultural competence. We want to promote and protect democracy, ethics, freedom of expression, and human rights.

One of our goals is to connect people and cultures across the world. In our multicultural and multilingual environment, we provide an atmosphere for debate and discussion, so that the students are able to interact with other cultures and communities. Through this, we aim to create global citizens.

We believe that all the languages and cultures of the world are a common heritage of humanity. Through learning the languages of each other, we will be better able to develop a deeper understating of human beings and challenges faced by them. This will provide us with the opportunity to find the ways for peaceful co-existence and wellbeing of the people across the globe.

Keeping in view the scope of the modern languages (English, Urdu, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc), a separate department, Center of Excellence for Modern Languages (CEML), has been recently established in the Faculty of Languages and Literature. The main objectives attached to initiating Center of Excellence for Modern Languages is to enhance the cross cultural communicability. The CEML offers short and diploma courses in Chinese, English, Urdu, Persian and Pashto so far. It also offers special courses like BS Urdu, BS Balochi, BS Pushto, BS & MS Persian to international students from United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Why Study Here?

Our permanent faculty is a dynamic and growing community of scholars active in most of the principal areas of research. We have also succeeded in receiving cooperation and assistance from the highly qualified and learned academicians in the twin cities in the form of Adjunct Faculty for our research programme in different departments.

Prof. Dr. Fauzia Janjua
[email protected]

About FLL
The Mission
Our Vision

The Faculty of Languages and Literature was established in the year 1997. The Faculty has four departments namely Department of English, Department of Urdu, Department of Persian and Center for Language Teaching (CLT). Departments of English and Urdu offer undergraduate and graduate programmes such as BS, MA, MS/M.Phil and PhD. Department of Persian offer BS, MA and MS. The Center for Language Teaching offers short and diploma courses in English, Urdu, Persian and Chinese along with regional languages such as Pashto, Punjabi, Balochi, Brahvi, Sindhi and Saraiki.

The mission of Faculty of Languages and Literature is to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society. The Faculty aims for a quality learning experience for the students and quality training for the faculty by providing excellence in education within our socio-cultural framework, bringing forth benefit to students, community and the country. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of diverse literature and liberal arts.

We are proud to develop state-of-the-art learning services as support for teachers in the form of lesson plans, continuous professional development, in-house designed curriculum, and vigorous co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that enrich the educational experience of our students.

Moreover, in the classroom, with exposure to new ideas, new ways of understanding and new ways of knowing, students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation. This will help to change their lives by gaining a sense of what they want to do with their abilities and talents, assessing their values and interests, and learning how they can best serve their respective countries and the world.

Faculty of Languages and Literature is committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all the students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative.