Message from the Dean

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you a very warm welcome on behalf of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (FOCIT).


The Faculty of Computing and Information Technology was established in 2022 and comprises of the following departments:

Computer Science

Software Engineering



Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asmat Ullah Khan
[email protected]

Our Mission
Our Approach

The Faculty of Computing is an academic division of a university dedicated to the study of computer science and related fields. In today’s digital age, computing is an integral part of almost every aspect of modern life, from communication and entertainment to finance and healthcare. The faculty offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs, ranging from computer science and information technology to software engineering and cybersecurity.

Students who pursue these programs learn about various aspects of computing, including algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, databases, networking, and security etc. They also develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration that are essential for success in the rapidly-evolving technology industry. With a strong emphasis on both theory and practice, the Faculty of Computing prepares graduates to become leaders in their fields and make meaningful contributions to society through the application of technology.

The mission of the Faculty of Computing is to advance the state of computing through the development of innovative and impactful research, the provision of quality education, and the engagement with industry and the broader community. Our goal is to produce graduates who possess a deep understanding of computing theory and practice, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to innovate and adapt to new technologies. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that values diversity and fosters creativity, collaboration, and ethical behavior. By pursuing excellence in research and education, we aim to shape the future of computing and contribute to the betterment of society.
Our approach is based on three pillars: innovation, excellence, and collaboration.

Firstly, we believe in promoting innovation in all areas of our research, teaching, and community engagement. This means encouraging our faculty and students to think creatively and to explore new ideas and technologies that have the potential to transform the field of computing.

Secondly, we strive for excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our research and teaching to the professionalism of our faculty and staff. We believe that a culture of excellence is critical to achieving our mission and maintaining our position as a leading institution in the field of computing.

Finally, we recognize the importance of collaboration in achieving our goals. We actively seek out partnerships with industry, government, and other academic institutions to share knowledge and resources, and to create opportunities for our faculty and students to engage with real-world problems and contribute to meaningful solutions. We also foster a collaborative environment within our faculty and encourage our students to work together on projects and research initiatives.

By embracing these three pillars of innovation, excellence, and collaboration, we believe that we can make significant contributions to the field of computing and to society as a whole.

The Career Counseling Center of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology has been established to provide the students with an opportunity to have a single point of contact in case they are need advice and / or help with a number of areas.
The following services are provided by the Center
Career Counseling:
Facilitates the students in finding the right career path, advice on how to
Build an effective Resume
Interview Skills
How to deal with office politics
How to deal with different situation at work
How to effectively follow up after an interview
Change in Career advice
How to Search for a good job
Advanced on Educational Path
Choosing a Major and Career
Choosing options between jobs or further education
The center also provides help and advice to all students to choose a career path through proven methodologies. This advice can start at any time after admission.
Support with class work and projects
Support and direction are provided in case the student is having problems with his class work or needs advice in dealing with University Life.
Final projects are a litmus test by which future employers hire fresh graduates, advice and help with their final project is available at the center.
Industry Liaison
The Center works with firms around the country to felicity the students get internship as well as jobs. The department maintains a constant contact with the industry and develops relationships so that the students can get internships as well as jobs in the right fields.
Help is also provided to the Alumni of the Faculty in case they need support and help after they leave the university in University related issue as well as Job related issue.
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
Ph: 92 51 9257951
Email: [email protected]