How to Apply
Step No.1: How to sign up?
Use option “Don’t have an account” and get log in
If you have already registered then;
Give Email/CNIC and password
If you forget your password “use the option forget password
Step No.2: Go to “Admission Process” on top
Use option “How to Submit Application” (see video)
Complete your profile (100%)
Step No.3: Go to “Admission Process”
Use option “Admission Campaign”
Select preference(s) as per your choice
By clicking “Add a line” option.
Click “View Total Fee Amount”
Use “Save” and “Submit Application” buttons (on top left side)
Use “View/Download Challan” option (for downloading fee challan)
Step No.4: Submit application processing fee (as mentioned on Challan) at a designated Bank or Online.
While payment of Challan via Allied Bank Ltd if you’re facing any issue, please Contact Mr. Zafar, BM, ABL at 0310-1533033.
Step No.5: Again log in by Give Email/CNIC and password.
Go to “Admission Process”
Use option “Admission Form”
Click “Edit” button, and give “Fee Deposit Details”, upload Challan
At the end save it using by “Save” option (top on left side).
Your process has been completed.

Degree Program Criteria for Merit Calculation
Undergraduate programs (programs where admissions are offered on PQM basis) Matric 40%, HSSC 60% For result awaiting candidates, 60% of actual marks obtained in Part-I
Undergraduate programs (BS Engineering Programs, BS CS/SE/IT) where admission test is required and programs are recognized by accredited bodies Merit shall be calculated in line with the guidelines by the accreditation bodies
Undergraduate programs (BA/LLB (Hons) Shariah & Law, LLB) where admission test is required and no guidelines are present by the accreditation bodies. PQM 40% (Matric 15%, HSSC 25%), Test 60%
MA/MSc HSSC 40%, BA/BSc/B.Com 60%

For PHD:
GRE/HAT General or equivalent test, conducted by testing bodies accredited by HEC, with at least 60% score.

  • Admission in any PHD Program shall not be allowed on hope certificate.
  • Admission shall not be allowed if the CGPA is below 3.00 in MS or equivalent Degree Program.
  • Marks distribution in GRE type test shall be as under:-
    • General = 40% marks
    • Subject = 60% marks

    Pattern of the General part of the test shall be in line with the GRE general test conducted by ETS.

For MS

Passing of GRE General type or equivalent entry test conducted by the university (department) with a passing score of 50%.


GRE/HAT General/equivalent test, conducted by testing bodies accredited by HEC, with at least 50% score.

  • Admission in any MS or equivalent Program shall not be allowed on a hope certificate.
  • Marks distribution in GRE type test shall be as under:-
    • General = 40% marks
    • Subject = 60% marks

    Pattern of the General part of the test shall be in line with the GRE general test conducted by ETS.

    Admission Office, Student Facilitation Center, International Islamic University, Sector H-10, Islamabad, Pakistan Ph: +92-51-9019750, 9019567, 9019583, Fax: +92-51-9257923.
    Admission Office, Student Facilitation Center, International Islamic University H-10, Islamabad, Pakistan Ph: +92-51-9257985, 9019327; Fax: +92-51-9257929.

Students with Awaiting Results:
For Under Graduate Programs:

  • Candidates awaiting result can also apply. However, they are required to submit an undertaking that they shall submit passed result of required degree. In case they fail in any subject or fail to secure required marks/CGPA, their admission shall stand cancelled without any further notice. Candidates must not conceal the fact and immediately report it to the Admission Office for refund of tuition fee as per notified refund policy given in IIU Admission Guide.

For MS / LLM / Ph.D:

  • No forms for MS/LLM/PhD level programs will be accepted on result awaited basis.

Class Timings:
  • Classes are held from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. according to the time table of respective Faculty/Department.

Code of Conduct:
  • Students shall be required to abide by the prescribed Rules and Regulations of IIUI and observe the dress code and basic Islamic tenets failing which student disciplinary action can be initiated as per disciplinary regulations enforce from time to time


Sr. No Semester Last date for submission of Application Form Commencement of Semester
1 Fall Semester July 29 September 01
2 Spring Semester December 15 February 01

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Q How I can apply to academic programs?

Apply Online

Q Need Help in Applying Online for Admission
A See Guidelines on top of the page
Q I applied for admission in the last semester but was not successful. Do I need to apply again?
A Yes, you must apply again if you want to be admitted to the program of your choice.
Q I am a foreign student and do not live in Pakistan. Am I eligible to apply for the program of my choice. If yes, how I can apply to the program of my choice?
A You need to apply through your embassy or send your application directly to Director (Acad) IIUI. You can download the application by clicking here. You will be required to submit GMAT and TOEFL score.
Q Does my foreign degree qualify me for graduate study at International Islamic University?
A International Islamic University's assessment of a foreign degree is based on the characteristics of your national educational system, the type of institution you attended and the level of studies completed.
Q My transcripts are not in English. Will you accept them?
A Yes, but the transcripts must be submitted with translations from your school or a professional translating service. The translations must be literal, complete versions of the original documents.
Q I am a female student and do not have residence in Islamabad. Do you have separate hostel facilities for girls?
A Yes, we have separate Female campus for girls and separate hostel facilities for girls. However, hostel is subject to availability as great number of students apply for hostel. So, even you are guaranteed admission in the university, we do not guarantee you will get accommodation in hostel.
Q I do not have my own transport. Does university provides transport facilities to students?
A Yes, the university has excellent transport facilities for male as well as female students. These buses run round the clock to various point in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and its suburbs.
Q How do I apply for undergraduate admission?
A There are essentially three steps here. First, you should be aware of the requirements Second, you should complete and submit an application. Third, you should have any transcripts/test scores mailed to our office.
Q Are male & female studying together ?
A Male and female study separately in this university.
Q Do you have female teacher for female student ?
A Female have their own female and some male teachers.
Q What facility you have in your hostel ?
A In hostels, we have shared rooms of two, three and more occupants, an almirah, a table/chair, mess for food.