Office of Linkages

The Office of Linkages was established with the approval of Worthy President IIUI and working under the Vice-President (R&E).
Core Function
The Office of Linkages is responsible for:

  • Initiation, processing, vetting and finalization of National and International MoUs with other universities, industry & businesses, public & private entities/ organizations etc. for strategic partnerships with stakeholders and wider societal impact.
The main objectives of Office of Linkages are as follows:

  1. Act as the focal point for the academic and enterprise partnerships/ consortia in the form of national and international collaborations including but not limited to exchange of mobility programs, joint projects inclusive of staff development, joint events, conferences/ symposia, visits and sharing/ exchange of information & resource etc.
  2. Record keeping and follow-up of all MoUs and collaborative activities as well as contribution towards University Rankings exercises with the pertinent data and evidence for external engagements/ linkages.
  3. Development of futuristic plans for national and global engagement within the scope of IIU’s strategic plan.

The team structure is as follows: