The Government of Pakistan very generously allotted Islamabad, Sector H-10, comprising 704 acres of land, to enable the University to construct and shift to its own new premises and meet its ever increasing needs.
At present three academic blocks and five hostel blocks have been completed and all University faculties are now functioning in new buildings with effect from January, 2002. In addition one academic block is under construction.
As envisaged in the Master Plan of the new campus, the University will be completed in phases of which Stage-I of Phase-I has reached culmination while stage-II is nearing completion. When constructed in its entirety, the University will accommodate 30,000 students (20,000 male and 10,000 female) in 22-25 faculties. In addition, there will be 57 hostel blocks for male students and 28 for female and partial accommodation for teaching/research and administrative staff.
The layout of the campus and all the buildings to be constructed there have been designed by renowned architects. Due regard has been paid to landscaping and providing a suitable background to all the structures. The architectural is a judicious blend of the modern and traditional Islamic styles, in keeping with the spirit of the International University.
Apart from the administrative blocks and teaching departments, the buildings of the various institutes and academies and the hostels, there is to be a beautiful central mosque and a unique central library. Provision has been made for a commercial center and shops for the resident staff and the students. Altogether the total campus when complete will be an attractive addition to the existing architectural charms of Islamabad.