Published on: February 24th, 2019

Education can bring significant change as youth is future of Pakistan to bring revolutionary development. This was stated by Professor Dr. Muhammad Masoom Yasinzai, Rector International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) while meeting a 60-member delegation of Cadet College, Noshki from Baluchistan visited IIUI New Campus.

Rector IIUI elaborated the role of university in nation building, inculcating Islamic values and imparting contemporary knowledge. Dr. Masoom said hard working students are key factor for the stable country . He also guided the students about special quota for Baluchistan students, admission process and facilities provided by the university. He emphasized that interdisciplinary research, entrepreneurial attitudes and equal opportunities to the young minds can lead Pakistan towards prosperity and stability.

On the occasion, a documentary on IIUI was also played for the delegation. Dr. Masoom briefed students about the university, its academic programs, research contributions and presence of foreign faculty members and students studying at the campus having diverse cultures.


Published on: February 23rd, 2019

Shariah Academy of International Islamic University Islamababad (IIUI) will organize a three-day long conference national Conference on “Islamization of Laws in Pakistan: An overview of the Role of Constitutional Institutions”.

The conference is aimed at evaluating the ways and mechanisms provided for the Islamization of laws in Pakistan and to identify the laws Islamized so for and critically evaluate. The participants will also scrutinize the impediments to the process of Islamization of laws and they will also identify the future prospects for Islamization of laws.

The three day moot will be attended by renowned personalities hailing from legal fraternity including famous Pakistani jurist and former judge Justice Jawad S Khawaja, Justice Faez Essa and people from other walks of life such as senior media personnel, teachers, researchers, lawyers and scholar.

They will discuss different  themes including The idea of Islamization of laws, role of the constitutional institutions: focusing on the parliament, provincial assemblies, Shariat appellate bench, federal Shariat court, and the council of Islamic ideology, various impediments to the process of Islamization of the laws and Islamization of laws: future prospects.


Published on: February 22nd, 2019

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) and unity in health (UIH) organization have agreed to join hands in training of the officials, while the later will provide training and guide the professionals on psychology department.

The delegation was headed by founding Director of Unity in Health Joao Marcal Grilo who was accompanied by its manager Gayathri Santhirasegaran.

The delegation called on IIUI President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, while IIUI Vice President and clinical psychologist Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily was also present in the meeting.

The President of the University welcomed the members of the delegation and gave them a brief overview of the Islamic University, its mission, objectives, activities and activities.

The Director of the UIH said that the organization is a registered charity in Britain since 2014 and aims to strengthen train and empower the workforce in the field of mental health care in low and middle income countries and works to support the establishment of a skilled workforce with a central role in Reduce health inequalities worldwide.

The university president appreciated the efforts exerted by the organization in the field of mental health and said that the university has good efforts in this field.  He told that university celebrates the World Day of Mental Health and the university holds many seminars in this field.  He also informed the delegation about conferences and seminars organized by university on mental.


Published on: February 21st, 2019

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) and Shenzhen University of China have agreed to mutual cooperation for advance exchange and collaboration in the field of education, culture and also vowed to provide better opportunities to students through bilateral cooperation.

The both sides, on Thursday at new campus of IIUI signed a document on exchanging views and making roadmaps for joint degree programs, exchange of information, joint research projects, conferences, seminars  on academia and industry linkage and joint inter disciplinary mutual research in various fields here at new campus of the IIUI.

Shenzhen University was headed by its President Prof. Li Qingquan headed who was accompanied by Deans of Shenzhen university faculties and researchers including Dean of international excellence, Dean of Computer Sciences, Dea

n of Foreign Languages, Head of the Physics department.

The Shenzhen university President and delegation members apprised about the goals, vision and core achievements of the university such as special economic zone contribution,  it participation in economic  reforms and GDP growth  and efforts for split PhD program, faculty exchange , student exchange. Prof. Qingquan hoped that bilateral cooperation between IIUI and Shenzhen will be very productive. He thanked for IIUI’s keen int

erest for collaboration and openness towards exchange of experiences.

IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai called for sitting together to making a roadmap for experience sharing, students opportunities and joint projects. “We always invite international researchers to IIUI for having the experience of advancements in research in technology at our inter-disciplinary centers” said Dr. Masoom.

IIUI Rector also stressed upon bridging the gap between academic structure and prevailing industry approach. He noted that Shenzhen University and IIUI both were having a lot similar programs which may be chosen for designing a detailed project of mutual cooperation.

IIUI President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh said that university is keen to learn from the experiences of the industry and educational institutions of China. He said that CPEC is an important opportunity and addition of KSA will make it further strengthened project and pathway to progress. He also apprised the Chinese delegation about IIUI’s international collaboration various fields. He vowed that the mutual agreement of expanding bilateral ties today would lead to constructive results.

The meeting was also attended by IIUI VPs, Deans, DGs, Executive Directors, and other relevant officials.


Published on: February 21st, 2019

President of the International Islamic University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, chaired a meeting on 11th convocation preparations which is going to be held in the month of march.

IIUI President, chairing the steering committee meeting directed for expedited efforts to the concerned officials and asked for a comprehensive hard work to meet the deadlines.

The meeting was also attended by Vice Presidents, Directors and other relevant officials.

The meeting also took various important decisions regarding the preparations and management of the mega event.

IIUI President urged the steering committee to plan a well-managed convocation. He also showed satisfaction over the ongoing performance and hard work by the officials and hoped for the success of the event.



Published on: February 21st, 2019

Former Interior Minister Ehsan Iqbal called on IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and IIUI President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh.

Ehsan Iqbal appreciated the services of IIUI in the field of education, dialogue, peace and solution to the problems of country. He said the university was rightly perusing the vision of advancements, incubation and interdisciplinary research.

Both IIUI Rector and president apprised him about the latest activities, research, projects and newly built Al-Farabi complex of the university. They said the university was striving to achieve the goal of being truly international in all terms.




Published on: February 20th, 2019

A delegation from Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC), Tainjin,visited International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday and discussed matters of expanding mutual cooperation with respect to future technologies among Pakistan and China Universities. The delegation was headed by Mr. Chen Wei Ming, Vice President of Foreign Affairs Office of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government. Prof. Dr. Muhammad MasoomYasinzai, Rector, IIUI briefed the delegation about the vision and objectives of the university. Speaking on the occasion, IIUI Rector said that the University’s doors are wide open for mutual cooperation with all academic institutions of the world and after detailed discussions and ground work, measures for materializing and signing the MoU would be taken.

During the meeting matters pertaining to bilateral educational exchange programs discussed regarding aviation technologies among Pakistani Universities and China while head of delegation realized the participants how vocational training is important in current era. He further briefed that Aviation Science & Technology and Transportation Engineering is providing an important base for cultivating professional talents and offering scientific and technical support for China’s civil aviation industry.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed, Executive Director of Centre for Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering & Advisor to the Rector & President on Engineering Programs at International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), Dr. Muhammad Amir, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, FET, IIUI were also present during the meeting. Dr. Nadeem Ahmed of Faculty of Engineering and Technology briefed the participants through a detailed presentation on this occasion regarding sustainable transportation ecosystem and briefed about interdisciplinary transport technology program with a goal to deliver solutions for intelligent, safer, cleaner and more sustainable transport outcomes.

In the end Dr. Masoom presented a university crest to the head of the delegation.


Published on: February 17th, 2019

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Rector and President have welcomed the visit of Saudi Crown Prince, H.E. Mohammad bin Salman to Pakistan.

In a statement , Dr Masoom Yasinzai and Dr Ahmed Yousif Al Draiweesh prayed  for further improvement in the Saudi-Pak relations.

They said that Saudi Arabia is a very creditable and respectable friend of Pakistan. they said that Pakistan’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is based on mutual respect and appreciation of efforts from both sides.

IIUI Rector and President maintained that Saudi Arabia has been a friend in every situation, and IIUI is an omen of great relationship between both countries. They said that Saudi govt has always played pivotal role in progress of university and it is matter of immense pleasure that this visit is adding new pace to strong bilateral ties .


Published on: February 17th, 2019


The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) will remain closed on Monday, 18th February, 2019.


Published on: February 17th, 2019

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Khan from Department of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has completed Post-doctoral research project at Oxford School of Global and Area studies, University of Oxford, United Kingdom in January 2019. His project was concerned with gaps and challenges in financial practices for higher education in Pakistan. Dr. Khan was awarded post doc. fellowship for 2017 to 2018.  His supervisor at Oxford University said that the findings of the project are significant in overcoming the future financial challenges for higher education in Pakistan.