PhD in Education

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University Required Courses (Non-Credit)

  1. Arabic to Understand Quran
  2. Islamic World View
  3. Seminars in Educational Research
  4. Lasts 20 Surahs of the Holy Quran


  Title of subject Credit hrs
i Philosophy of Education 03
ii Comparative Perspective of Education 03
iii Educational Measurement and Evaluation 03
  TOTAL 09

2. ELECTIVE COURSES / Area of Specialization( Students may select any one specialization mentioned below)

1. Teacher Education
  Title of subject Credit hrs
i History, Theories and Models of Teacher Education 03
ii Instructional Design 03
iii Emerging Trends in Pedagogy 03
  TOTAL 09
2. Educational Policy, Management and Leadership
  Title of subject Credit hrs
i Educational Policies and Plans 03
ii Educational Leadership: Theory and Practice 03
iii Quality Management in Education 03
  TOTAL 09
3. Curriculum: Planning, Development and Evaluation
  Title of subject Credit hrs
i Curriculum Theories and Models 03
ii Curriculum Designs and Process  03
iii Curriculum Alignment and Evaluation 03
  TOTAL 09
Distance Education
  Title of subject Credit hrs
i Instructional Design& Courseware in Distance Education 03
ii System of Distance Education 03
iii Communication Technology in Distance Education 03
  TOTAL 09
4 PhD Thesis Credit hrs 48


    Total Credit hrs
I Core Courses 09
ii Elective Courses/Area of Specialization 09
iii Thesis 48
  TOTAL Credit hours 66