You are welcome in the Faculty of Management Sciences where quality education is imparted in a diversified and market-driven environment. We are committed to offer a professional learning opportunity to those who wish to excel.
Since the corner stone of the university has been laid down on Islamic values inherited from our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), therefore, integration of science and technology with the teaching of Islam is our priority. In addition, building national character in the future generations is important to fulfill the dreams of our ancestors, builders of the nation, and those who lost their lives for the cause of creating Pakistan as an Islamic country on the face of earth. That is why we are not only producing good graduates but try to make them good human being, good Muslim, good Pakistanis (in the case of Pakistani students) and good citizens of the global world (in the case of International Students).
We are located at the heart of the capital city surrounded by industry and a culture of academia in Islamabad which provides endless opportunities not only for meaningful collaboration but also sustainable relationship and competitiveness.
The university is an international venue for learners all around the Islamic world; we have designed our programmes accordingly to entertain you wherever you are. In this way the faculty of management sciences contributing towards contemporary themes such globalization and latest trends in the areas of Management Sciences.
The university offers state-of-the-art resources within the campus to facilitate you to enhance your capabilities during your stay here and beyond. In addition, our faculty member have been trained from USA, UK, European Union, Far East and reputable institutes within the country. It is a blend of young and experienced members specialists in their sphere of knowledge. We offer BBA, MBA, MS and PhD degree programs with specialization in the areas of Management, Finance, Marketing and Technology Management.
Our aim is to create research environment in our faculty. Promotion of research is the corner stone of the faculty where both teacher and students are involved in the production of world class research work.
Dr. Abdul Raheman
Dean FMS
Ph: +92 51 9257950
Email: [email protected]
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