The International Islamic University, Islamabad is serving to the ideology of Pakistan. It has played a pivotal role in promoting the Islamic identity in the Muslim youth for the past three decades. The introduction of the degree programs in Islamic Art and Architecture is in line with the mission of the IIUI. The courses will introduce students to the Importance of Islamic art and architecture; acquaint them with unique features of the Islamic cultural heritage which has acquired its own identity and vocabulary over the past centuries. This will create amongst the Muslim youth a sense of unique identity, ownership of their Islamic heritage and a link with their own roots which is felt forgotten in the glittering lights of modernity. The youth will learn that the Muslim Cultural heritage is an integral part of the World cultures and their histories. Selected aspects of world cultures that are intimately related to the formation of Muslim religious thought and practices, Muslim scholarship and Muslim political discourses and experiences will be studied. All, under graduate and post graduate programs i.e. BS 4-years, MA 2-years, MS 2-years, and Ph.D. 3-years degree programs.
  1. The major objectives of the ongoing programs in IAA are to practically train students in the field of Art & Design.
  2. Revival of Muslim Art & Architecture.
  3. To prepare graduate students to work in the field of designing i.e. Interior design, textile, Graphic Design and Islamic architecture.
  4. Get mastery in three content areas of their choice: Architectural Design, Interior Design and Painting
  5. Understand how to develop design for different environment and to deal with problems.
  1. Small-scale practical projects compatible with contemporary technological advancements throughout the degree program; which may become basis for winning a good job. Various activities are given to the students to link theory and practice.
  2. Professional standards and ethics are part of courses and are depicted in practical experience.
  3. Core subjects plus Elective subjects. A wide variety of elective subjects are offered which brings diversity in the program.
  4. The Internship is one of the strongest components of degree program it helps develop your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to opportunity.
Chairman: Department of Islamic Art & Architecture