Message of Vice President (A&F)
VP-AFPWith the establishment of the Faculty of Education I expect noteworthy achievement and change in planning, academic and administrative fronts. Having a track record of success I have enormous pride in the accomplishments and I look forward with enthusiasm for materializing more innovative ideas with collaborations, financial stability and visibility of the Faculty among the top ranked institutions of Pakistan. As an advocate of Distance and Online Learning I also expect the Faculty to find new ways to strategic investments in technology for teaching and learning. In addition to that I would recommend to identify and explore potential opportunities for growth and expansion of the Faculty on national and international forums. I also look forward to working closely with you in order to strengthen the cooperation between the University and its key Stakeholders.

Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani
Vice President (Administration and Finance), IIUI

Message of Vice President (Academics)
VP-ACADI am writing to convey my sincere wishes on uplifting the Department of Education to a full-fledged Faculty of Education. I am sure this Faculty will take a lead in setting standards of excellence towards enhancing teaching and learning at IIU for which my office is ready to provide full support. I expect Academic excellence within faculty and gearing to other faculties of the university towards this goal. As we look ahead and foresee the opportunities and challenges facing higher education today: we are determined to be working for the academic excellence and enriching the academic programs. I expect the Faculty will be leading Education Curricula and Pedagogy for the whole university.

Prof. Dr. Ayaz Afsar
Vice President (Academics), IIUI

Message of the Vice President (Research & Enterprise)
VP-R&EI wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the Faculty of Education on starting new ventures. With the diverse areas of expertise of the faculty members, I am hopeful that the faculty will build upon the remarkable dedication to excellence in teaching and research that characterizes our Strategic Plan 2022-2026. I am foreseeing the Faculty to work with distinctive nature with commitment towards actualizing the vision, mission and strategic plan of the university under the banner of IIUI, producing graduates who would serve humanity in terms of mundane and spiritual aspects of life. I expect their active role in corporate social responsibility also.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed
Vice President (Research & Enterprise), IIUI

Message of the Vice President (Female Campus)
VP-FCAs a Professor of Education, I am grateful to the President for creating the Faculty of education and setting it in operation. Prior to its upgradation to a faculty, as the Department of Education, it had been working on many fronts like trainings, publications, producing distinguished alumni, etc. With the hope of continuing with the same legacy, I can optimistically claim that the faculty will provide great opportunities of learning particularly to our female students, catering to their diverse needs. I look forward to the faculty members and students of FoE becoming role models for the whole university in terms of professionalism, values and positivity, and emerging as a source of inspiration towards others. I anticipate their stronger participation in elevating the university’s research profile and contributing strenuously in addressing the challenges being faced by Pakistan’s higher education.

Prof. Dr. Samina Malik
Vice President (Female Campus), IIUI