Strategic Plan Implementation Cell (SPIC)

Strategic Plan Implementation Cell (SPIC) was established with the approval of Worthy President IIUI. The newly formed office has been operational since March 2022 and working under the Vice-President (R&E).
Core Function
The core function of SPIC is:

  • Periodical assessment/ measures taken to ensure swift implementation of university wide Strategic Plan 2022-26.
  • Generate KPI Attainment report for Higher Authorities (thrice a year + 1 annual report for BoG).
The main objectives of SPIC are as follows:

  1. Conduct Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) Implementation Committee Meetings.
  2. Rigorous follow-up of action points and timeline at functional level.
  3. Generate STP Implementation Reports for each faculty/department/unit.
  4. Coordination and Liaison among the stakeholders/focal persons for the implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  5. Jointly raise sub-plans and financial requirements for the implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation of the university vide implementation of the Strategic Plan.

The SPIC team structure is as follows: