Launch of Post-Doctoral Program in the Department of Urdu
Faculty of Languages and Literature, IIUI


International Islamic University Islamabad is situated in the scenic capital of Pakistan. The university has got a beautiful campus built in the traditional Islamic architecture with well-equipped libraries and an international culture with students from across the globe. Thus, International Islamic University Islamabad becomes an ideal place for the researchers and scholars who are interested in learning about Urdu language and literature in their cultural and historical context.

The Faculty of Languages and Literature is pleased to announce its first Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in the Department of Urdu with effect from September 2022. For now, fellowships are limited that will be offered to the best candidates after a thorough review of the research proposals and the applicants’ knowledge including the previous research experience as demonstrated in their curriculum vitae.

The selected scholars will be provided:

  • research supervisor with the expertise in the relevant field
  • office/study space
  • access to all resources available in the libraries of IIUI
  • free university transport within the city (as per bus routes), if required
  • an opportunity to interact with the students and faculty
  • a possibility to teach/coteach a course at the department, depending upon the fulfillment of all other requirements.

Who Can Apply?

This program provides a great opportunity to scholars who wish to research on subjects like socio-political study of classical and contemporary Urdu literature South Asian culture and history as depicted in literary texts, Sufi literature, colonial and postcolonial literary milieu in South Asia, Urdu literature and film, Urdu literature and media, compilation of oral traditions, Pakistani culture and society, development of Urdu language and teaching of Urdu as a foreign language.

Interested scholars, holding a PhD degree in any relevant discipline are eligible to apply for the fellowship.


Option 1:         6 months

Option 2:         12 months

Requirement for Completion

  • The selected postdoc fellows are required to complete a research project under the expert guidance of the nominated supervisor. (The candidates can give their choice of supervisors if they wish so. It will be taken into consideration if possible.)
  • Each postdoc fellow will give one to two seminars during the period of the fellowship.
  • After the completion of the project, the postdoc fellows are expected to publish at least one journal article, a monologue or a book as an individual or joint publication with their supervisors

Fee Structure

For national Fellows:

  • Rs. 25,000/- for 6 months
  • Rs.50,000/- for one year

For International Fellows:

  • US $300/- for 6 months
  • US $ 600/- for one year

How to Apply

Apply through email to

Attach following documents to the application:

  • letter of intent
  • research proposal of 1000-1500 words along with the proposed duration of the fellowship
  • copy of Curriculum Vitae
  • 02 Reference letters

Selected applicants will be informed after due process. Admission will be confirmed after the fee is deposited.


Room D-005, Imām Abū Hanīfāh Block, International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Phone: +92-51 9019645, +92-51 9019612, +92-51 9257972

Further Information for International Students:

 Prof. Dr. Najeeba Arif
Dean, FLL