Introduction (Directorate of Students’ Affairs Female Campus)

Student advisor office (Female Campus) is centralized office for conduction of academic and non academic activities, sports activities, development and implementation of code of conduct and facilitation of students. Students’ Advisor office, Female Campus is located on the ground floor of Fatima Block. This office serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. The primary function of the Student Advisor’s Office is to be of assistance to students in every possible way. It leads, directs, and administers the overall functions of student counseling, student societies, and discipline. The Student Advisor Office administers students’ needs from the time they step into the Institute for admission, to the time he graduates from the Institute. 

The student Advisor Office provides proactive support and capacity-building services to promote co-curricular activities in the Institute which enrich our graduates at every stage of their life as well as they could build strong relationships with their peers, faculty, administration, and other stakeholders. The students are encouraged to learn to manage their affairs on their own and to cope with strains and stresses which are part of the growth processes. The primary focus of the office is to create a positive learning environment that fosters successful learning and personal development, both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. The division provides, in collaboration with other members of the campus community, educational opportunities, resources, and support to help each student reach his or her goals. 
The Office promotes a sense of community and belongingness among students, and through our efforts. The Student Advisor works regularly with students to help them in their emotional, psychological, familial, and academic problems. Stress management techniques and relaxation methods are offered to deal with anxiety and stress. We assure the students of the complete confidentiality of their discussions. Welcome to the students of University of the Punjab..

Responsibilities and Activities

This office arranges activities for students which include Declamation (Urdu, English, Arabic), Quiz Contest, Essay writing contest, Story writing contest, Workshops on career counseling, Bait Bazi, Seminars and Lectures accompanied by terbiyah activities like Hifzul Quran Competition, Hadith Competition, Husn e Qiraat Competition andNaat Competition. To cope with the new digital challenges Advisor office focuses on workshops and contests in IT skills including E-Gaming, C++ Programming, Poster designing, Website Development, and Graphic Designing.
The aesthetics of students are nourished by providing opportunities to excel in Calligraphy Oil Painting, Sketching, Art Exhibition, Flower Arrangement, Photography, Videography, Dramatics, and Ad-Making, etc. The cultural week celebration is the biggest event arranged for students annually. This event arranges almost all above-mentioned activities along with International Food Festival and Intentional Cultural Performances. Students participate in Twin City competitions as well as All Pakistan Intervarsity Competitions organized by HEC and bring fame to our university by winning positions.

  • Academic and non-academic activities
  • Career Counseling Skills development courses/ summer camp
  • Nomination of students to avail different opportunities
  • Participation of students in different activities outside the campus
  • Conflict resolution and Counseling of the students
  • Code of conduct and discipline
  • Self Defense & Security drill Trainings
  • Monitor, facilitate, supervise, and guide the Student Clubs & Societies.
  • Cultural Week/International Cultural Exhibition/Spring Gala
  • Entrepreneurial Gala for students
  • Help Desk for New Students
  • Orientation For New Students
  • Celebration of National & International Days
  • Sport Activities
  • General facilitation (Transport, cafeteria, etc)
Sports Office
The Students ‘Advisor office is accompanied by the sports office. Sports and Athletics form an integral part of the co-curricular activities organized by the Sports office under the Supervision of Students’ Advisor Female Campus.
There is a fully established/equipped fitness gym as well as an indoor Gymnasium for female students where students from heterogeneous backgrounds come and play different sports like Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table tennis, and others under one roof. 
Side by side with the academic program, a well-organized schedule exists for the promotion of indoor and outdoor games and sports. Our players and athletes participate zealously and enthusiastically at Interfaculty Sports Gala Competitions in which Maximum students participate from different faculties in all events including table tennis, cricket, athletics, tug of war, lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and futsal. The sports events are organized under the supervision of Incharge Sports.