Audit Department

List of Officers/Official
Office of the Director Audit (9019-Ext)
Name Designation Telephone Ext. Email
Mr. Ateeq Ur Rehman Chughtai Director Audit 9257906 2266 [email protected] 
Hafiz Rauf Iqbal APS 9257906 2266 [email protected]
Muzaffar Shah Naib Qasid   2266  
Audit-I Section (9019-Ext.)
Muhammad Bilal Dy. Director   2238 [email protected]
Maqsood Ahmad Superintendent   2236 [email protected]
Sadiq Qureshi Superintendent   2236 [email protected]
Ashfaq Azam Chochan Assistant    2236 [email protected]
Farmunallah Assistant    2236 [email protected]
Manshad Ali UDC   2236 [email protected]
Ashan Ali LDC   2236 [email protected]
Muhammad Zulquranin Naib Qasid   2236  
Audit-III Section (9019-Ext)
Tanveer Hussain Shah Assistant Director    2278 [email protected]
Naeem Akhtar Assistant   2231 [email protected]
Husnain Zafar Assistant   2231 [email protected]
Muhammad Iftikhar UDC   2231  
Aftab Ahmed Somro UDC   2231 [email protected]
Muhammad Wajid LDC   2231 [email protected]
Farhad Ali LDC   2231  
Faheem Naib Qasid   2231  
Audit-II Section Old Campus (9261761-Ext)
Arslan Khurshid Assistant Director  9262257 300 [email protected]
Saad Jadoon Superintendent   330  
Ijaz Satti UDC   330  
Muhammad Hafeez Naib Qasid   330  
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