Short Courses in Arabic Language

International Islamic university has a strong background in the field of Arabic Language for 35 years. It has distinguished faculty from Al-Azhar University Egypt, Sudan, Iraq and Pakistan with an outstanding internationally recognized extensive syllabus and modern Language Labs fully equipped with Audio visual facilities. Being the Language of Quran, Hadith and other Shari’ah sources, Arabic Language has an extra ordinary status among the other languages in Muslim societies. Along with its contemporary importance in the world. Keeping all this in view the academic council of the International Islamic University has approved the establishment of Arabic Language Center under the Faculty of Arabic to start Short Courses for the general Public and to contribute to the Pakistani Society. These short Courses have been started in February 2009. The University unexpectedly received an overwhelming response. A large number of professionals from different fields joined these courses to understand Quran and for spoken purposes. And after 6 months of its Beginning University w
As requested to start courses on Sundays. This request came from the professionals that they can join these courses on Holiday rather than their hectic working days. Many people from many organizations like PTCL, Police, Banks, Universities, PTA, Pak Army, and Doctors, Engineers, bearcats’, house wives and students have benefited from this opportunity since February 2009. Arabic Language Center eagerly tries to get the feedback from the people in order to improve its courses to give the people more benefit from these courses. After it had offered Arabic Language Courses in two disciplines i.e. Quranic Arabic and Spoken Arabic the Center concluded that a comprehensive Syllabus may be introduced to Quran directly and to have expression power through speaking (The Course outlines are enclosed with this page). Another distinction of Arabic Language Center is that separate classes are being arranged for males and females.
Salient Features
  • Qualified Arab & Pakistani Faculty
  • International Standard Extensive Comprehensive syllabus for Quranic and Spoken Arabic
  • Separate Classes for males and females
  • Free Transport Facility.

Admissions Open

Sunday Learning Arabic Program (Morning) 
(Session: June – August 2021) 
On Campus Classes Only

Duration:                                12 Weeks
Days of Classes:                    Sundays Only
Timings:                                  9:30 am – 2:10 pm (Male & Female)
Start of Classes:                    13 June 2021              
Last Class:                             22 August 2021                                                
Exam Date:                            29 August 2021
Fee:                                         Rs. 10,000/-

Last Date for Submission of Form & Fee:                  11 June 2021 (Friday)

Summer Short Arabic Course

Duration:                                6 Weeks
Days of Classes:                    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (4 days/week)
Timings:                                 Male: 5:15 – 8:15 pm, Female: 9:00 – 12:00 pm
Start of Classes:                    29 June 2021 (Tuesday)        
Last Class:                             12 August 2021 (Thursday)
Exam Date:                            16 August 2021 (Monday)
Fee:                                         Rs. 10,000/-

Last Date for Submission of Form & Fee: 28 June 2021

This course will run under the standard SOPs of COVID-19 therefore all the participants are required to wear face mask while entering the University Campus and maintain social distance

Course Outlines:
These courses are designed in the way that a student can learn how to understand Quran directly through Grammatical rules and reading comprehension. And how a word changes its form and gets new meanings in the Quran. Along with an extensive spoken material with drills and vocabulary from daily life. It includes Reading Skills through Text reading with correct pronunciation and the explanation of difficult words and its usages.
These Courses are divided into three Skills:


    • Grammatical Rules including phonetics Tips and error analysis
    • Examples of Grammatical analysis from Holy Quran, Hadith and Arabic Texts.


  • Reading of Arabic Texts with correct pronunciation
  • Meanings of Difficult words and its usage in different expressions
  • Comprehension exercises

Speaking Skills        

  • Reading & Listening of Dialogues from daily life
  • Drill of these dialogues by the students
  • Making sentences verbally using 2, 3, 4 ….. words by the students
  • Listening and responding drills by Arab Teachers

Levels of Arabic Courses:
                Short Arabic courses are being offered in three following levels:

  • Certificate                             (Basic level for those who don’t have any previous knowledge of Arabic Language)
  • Diploma                                 (For those who have completed certificate course from IIU or any other Institution)
  • Advanced Diploma              (For those who have completed Diploma course from IIU or any other institution)


  • For complete course: (Books not included)
    • For All Courses:   Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only)

Fee Concession offers:

  • 50% fee concession for existing IIU students whose degree programs are in progress.
  • 25% concession is offered to those who Register together in these courses from:

(Husband & Wife), (Brothers or Sisters), and (father/son & Mother/Daughter).

  • 25 % concession if a group of 5 or more colleagues from the same organization register together, the concession will be given to each member of the group.

Important: No request for further fee concession will be entertained or out of above mentioned.
Study Material (Books)

  • Students will Purchase the books/Study Material from the short Arabic Course office
How to Apply:
  • Minimum Qualification for All courses is matriculation with aggregate 50 % marks
  • Admission Forms are available on  or
  • For Male: Faculty of Arabic, Imam Abu Hanifa Block Room # C 25, For Females: Room # C 026 Fatima tu Zahra Block Female Campus, Sector H-10, Islamabad.
  • Challan form will be obtained from Room # C 25 (for Male Students) and fee Section at Admin Block (For Female) after showing them the completely filled Form with documents attached.
  • In case of availing Fee Concession Offers a verification from the Coordinator is needed before obtaining the challan form.
  • Male Students will Submit their fee to Al-Baraka Bank Ltd IIU Booth on Green challan form
  • Female students will submit their fee to Allied bank on White Challan form at Female Campus IIU.
  • After Submission of Fee Attach Academic Copy with the Form And Submit it to
    • Male:                     Room # C – 25 (Imam Abu Hanifa Block)
    • Female:                 Room # C – 26 (Fatim tu Zahra Block)

In case of Fee refund:

  • 100 % fee will be refunded if students apply within 1 week of date of start of Classes.
  • 50 % fee will be refunded if student apply within 15 days of date of start of Classes.
  • No claim of fee refund will be entertained after 15 days of start of classes.
Transport Facility:
  • Students can use university transport facility freely on existing routes and timings.
  • No request for separate route or timings of transport will be entertained.
  • In case of change in transport timings during the course students are responsible to attend the classes on their own.
  • There is no transport facility available for Sunday Learning Arabic Program. In Summer Course transport is available for Female Students only
For any Further Query:
Dr. Zaheer Ahmad
Assistant Professor/Course Coordinator
Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arabic
Office: 051-9019919, Cell: 0333-5290675, Email: [email protected]
Upcoming Course
Course will start on Campus after the University opens formerly
2 Months Short Arabic Course (Evening)  
Duration:                                6 Weeks
Days of Classes:                      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (4 days/week)
Timings:                                  Male: 5:15 – 8:15 pm, Female: 2:30 – 5:30 pm
Fee:                                        Rs. 10,000/-
إن شاء الله
Registration Form:
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