The Second IIUI-UNCW International Conference

The Second IIUI-UNCW International Conference:
“Local Cities, Foreign Capitals: Finding the Local Anchor in the Global Cultures”
October 9th-11th, 2017 Islamabad, Pakistan

The International Islamic University Islamabad’s Departments of English, and Politics & IR are proud to partner with the University of North Carolina Wilmington to present the second in a series of international conferences. “Local Cities, Foreign Capitals: Finding the Local Anchor in the Global Cultures” will be hosted in Pakistan’s beautiful capital city, Islamabad.

The conference schedule will focus on picking out and pecking at the traces of the valuable local from a growing mass of the global. The emergence of new intra- and inter-capital contours in imagined and existent metros calls for measuring and mapping the cultural landscapes in the geography of centrality and marginality. The conference will invite us to see that globalization is not only constituted in terms of capital and the new international corporate culture (e.g., international finance, telecommunications, information flows), but also in terms of people and non-corporate cultures. The new global cities are landscapes where multiplicities of globalization processes assume concrete, localized forms. We can then think of new global capitals as strategic spaces for whole series of conflicts and contradictions.

Contributions will explore the myriad and seminal forms of impact that globalization has had and continues to exert on the many facets of religion, politics, society and culture in the world.

For this conference, we sought proposals from all disciplines for single papers and poster presentations that cross, blur, defy, and redefine disciplinary boundaries within the globalization studies, global translations of national and regional cultures and subcultures, and employ creative interdisciplinary methods and perspectives to examine contemporary debates on globalization and localization.

Contributions will address these and other related issues from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical and empirical.

  • Globalization, Internationalization and Localization
  • Globalization and Cultural Heterogeneity
  • Local and Global as Binary and Blend
  • G(o)local: Re-routing the Refugees
  • G(o)local: Rebooting the Repellent Nationalistic Boundaries
  • Firsting Spaces: From Musharaf’s ‘Pakistan First’ to Trump’s ‘America First’
  • Fluidity and Hybridity
  • Acculturation, Identity, Race Relations
  • Culture, Identity & Mobility
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Religious Identities and Politics of Religion
  • Media, Technology, and Society
  • Pop Culture, E.G. Film, Music, Video Games, Comics, Art, Performance, etc.
  • Terrorism and Politics
  • Place and Environment
  • Tourism in Practice
  • Imperialism / Decolonization
  • The State of Post-Coloniality in the US and Pakistan
  • Issues of Modernity and Technology with Focus on Muslim Populations
  • Varieties of Capitalism / Socialism
  • Performing Globalization
  • Globalization, Post-Colonial &Diaspora Studies
  • Nations/Translations
  • The Confrontation with Neoliberalism
  • Social Media, Digital Network and Globalization
  • World Literature, Translated Texts, Popular Texts, etc.
  • Global Politics and Censorship, especially Concerning South Asia
  • National Identity and Diversity
  • Pakistani English Vis-À-Vis American and Other Varieties

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