Head Message
The idea of establishing the department of Persian originated in a meeting of Board of Governors No.39, held on 6th of January 2001. Consequently a committee was constituted comprising Dr. Ragaa, Dean Faculty of Language and Mr. Hassan Bandaripour in order to design the syllabi for the programme, that was ultimately approved by the Board of Studies of the Faculty that met on 15th November 2001.
Then after minor alternations the syllabus was presented to the Academic Council that passed it in its 22nd meeting. The department started functioning w.e.f. September 2002 and Mr. Hassan Bandaripur was appointed Incharge of the Department
The first batch graduated in May 2006. On 15th December 2006
Dr. Mohammad Siddique Shibli joined as the Head, Department of Persian and Urdu
The objectives of the course:
  • Teaching of Persian as a living language which enjoys Islamic and International status, especially in the subcontinent.
  • Teaching Persian Literature and its distinctive features focusing different periods, trends and movements.
  • Catering to the academic needs of research scholars, specially in the field of Islamic History, composed in Persian.
  • Strengthening the bonds between IIUI and the Persian speaking world.
Male Campus:
Room#: D-14 Faculty Block II
Ph: +92 51 9257989
Fax: +92 51 9257934

Female Campus:
Room#: D-017, Faculty Block III
Ph: +92 51 9257983
Fax: +92 51 9257929