Department of English (Female campus)

The mission of the English department at IIUI is to foster learning and appreciation ofEnglish studies. With its focus on Literatures in English, Linguistics, and ELT, the department strives to prepare graduate and undergraduate students,in affirmation with International Islamic University’s values, to not only excel in the respective domains but also to be responsible members of the community. Attracting students from different parts of the world, the department offers a safe place for cultural diversity and harmony.
We offer BS, MA*, MS, and PhD in English. Our BS students looking for a great interdisciplinary education are offered courses like Psychology, History of Urdu Literature, Philosophy, IT skills, and Geography. Besides, across the span of eight semesters, they are provided with a variety of introductory courses to Literature, Linguistics, and ELT, to orient them toward a field of specialization for their graduate studies. The MA program, spanning across two years offers a balance of Linguistics and Literature courses. Our MS students get an opportunity to complete two semesters of course work, before writing their thesis, where they are oriented toward bothLiterature and Linguistics in the first semester to later allow them to choose their field of specialization in the second semester. Our PhD program offers the students the latest subjects that are emerging in the discipline.
Our Undergraduate as well as Graduate programmes are designed to reflect the contemporary paradigm shift towards postcolonial and cross-cultural studies.This can be seen in the diverse and global nature of the syllabus which includes not only canonical Anglo-American Literatures but also courses on Pakistani Literature in English, South Asian Literatures in English and Contemporary Muslim Narratives. Our innovative modules on Comparative Literature, Critical Theory in the Postmodern Era, Literature and Ideology and Popular Fiction introduce an exciting interdisciplinary component where literature is studied in juxtaposition with art, film, philosophy, theory, psychology, history, translation, and cultural and gender studies.In addition, we aim to provide students with a thorough grounding in the theoretical study of language through courses related to various subspecializations such as Sociolinguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Pragmatics, Phonetics, Stylistics, Translation Studies and Discourse Studies.
Our MS and PhD students are guided by qualified on-campus supervisors with strong research-profiles with a broad range of expertise in subjects ranging across Ecocritical Studies, Posthumanities, Postcolonial Studies, Global Feminisms, Critical Muslim Studies, Linguistics, Translation Studies, Sociolinguistics, etc.After gaining such a diverse but comprehensive training in the various components of the discipline, a number of our students are now successfully working as academics, writers and officers in the civil services.
*Future admissions for MA degree program will be announced as per HEC policy.