MSc Islamic Banking & Finance


This program is in operation from the Academic Session 2004-05 for male students in he evening session. The objective is to prepare experts in the discipline, well-acquainted with the conventional banking operations and Shariah injunctions in financial, matters so as to meet the demands of quickly expanding markets for Islamic banking, domestically and across the borders.
BSc (2 years) or BSc (HON’S) with at least CGPA 2.00 or with 50% marks
Medium of Study:
Program Level:
Program For:
Structure of the Program       81 Credits
Graduate Courses   60 credits
Core/Compulsory (13 courses) 39 credits
Elective Courses (07 courses) 21 credits
University Requirements (05 courses) 15 credits
Project/Internship   06 credits
Distribution of Coursework Requirement
Core Courses:    The following courses are compulsory 39 credits
Code Course Name   Cr.Hr.
E615 Microeconomic Analysis   3
E616 Macroeconomic Analysis   3
IBF502 Riba, Bank Interest and Strategy for Riba Elimination   3
IBF504 Research Methods for Economics & Finance   3
IBF505 Isl. Banking: Theory, Practice & Leg Framework   3
IBF507 Risk Management in Islamic Banking   3
IBF511 Contemporary Fatawa on Financial Transactions   3
IBF515 Accounting and Auditing Standards for Islamic Banks   3
IBF519 Commercial Bank Management   3
E6171 Mathematics for Economics and Finance   3
E6182 Statistics for Economics and Finance   3
E7321 Financial Accounting   3
E7151 Islamic Economics   3
Elective Courses
7 courses (21 credits) will have to be selected from the following list, as and when offere
IBF506 Regulatory, Legal & Shariah Supervisory Aspects   3
IBF508 Human Resource Development   3
IBF5128 Computer Packages for Banking & Finance   3
IBF513 Project Finance   4
IBF514 Islamic Insurance: Problems & Prospects   4
1BF516 Micro-Financing in Islamic Framework   4
IBF517 Case Studies in Islamic Banking   3
IBF518 Islamic Financial System and Institutions   3
IBF520 Marketing of Islamic Banking Services   3
IBF521 Zakah and Public Finance in Islam   3
IBF522 Financial Management   3
IBF523 Taxation in Secular and Islamic Framework   3
IBF524 Auditing of Financial Institutions   3
IBF525 Economy of Pakistan   3
IBF526 Central Banking in Islamic Framework   3
E7153 Monetary and Fiscal System of Islam   3
E7155 Islamization of the Economy and Fiscal System   3
E7251 Monetary Theory and Policy   3
E7322 Corporate Finance   3
E7323 International Trade and Finance   3
E7324 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management   3
E7328 Financial Risk Management   3
E7329 Financial Markets and Institutions   3
E7402 Project Appraisal and Management   3
E7403 International Business Strategy   3
E7406 International Banking   3
  Basic & Preparatory (Non-GPA) Courses 15 credits
UR112 Introduction to Computers   3
IBF400 Principles of Economics   3
IBF401 Introduction to Mathematics   3
IBF402 Business Statistics   3
IBF403 Principles of Accounting   3
(For candidates having no background in Economics/Maths/Statistics)
Every student will be required to select a project on a topic prescribed by the Head, Department of Islamic Banking & Finance. The student will be assigned a supervisor for this purpose. Alternately, the student will be required to join internship with a Financial Institution for a period of three to four months and submit a report to the department, which will be evaluated by a committee of examiners. [Note] Scheme of courses is subject to revision.