Seerah & Islamic History

This Department is an integral part of Faculty of Usuluddin (Islamic Studies). From the very beginning of Faculty, this department is offering relevant courses at the level of BS.
At present the department intends to launch specialization in Seerah and Islamic History in BS level and a full fledge separate Seerah Program and separate Islamic History Program at MS level. The schemes of studies for said programs are finalized.
BS and MS programs of the Department have been offered. Being a Muslim our students need to have basic and authentic information about their hero’s, therefore the courses and programs of department of Seerah and Islamic History will attract them. The prime target of the department is to motivate the students and scholars for studying their own History. The department hopes that the students of Seerah and Islamic History will get benefit from program of the department.
Dr. Abdul Qadir Gondal,
Incharge of Department
92 51 925 79 32 and 901 96 43