International Conference Reconstruction of Thoughts, Education, Society & Civilization from an Islamic Perspective: Appraisal of Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi’s Contribution

International Conference
Reconstruction of Thoughts, Education, Society & Civilization from an Islamic Perspective:
Appraisal of Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi’s Contribution
February 22-23, 2017

In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful 

Allah the Creator of the Universe including Mankind and thus the real Sovereign demands, according to the Quran, from the ones who believe to enter into the fold of Islam completely. It implies that a Muslim needs to conduct all affairs of his/her life in all spheres of life according to the injunctions of Allah in the light of the way they were translated into practice in human paradigm by Allah’s last and final Messenger Muhammad (peace be on him).

To facilitate Muslims in realization of this objective in the backdrop of the complexities of modern day life, at the turn of the new Hijrah century, a dire need for inviting Muslim scholars specializing in Islamic sources and various branches of present day knowledge towards a meticulous systematic study of various branches of present day knowledge from Islamic Perspectives was felt by the leaders as well as masses of the Ummah. Accordingly, several national and International Islamic universities were initiated in various parts of the Islamic world along with an International Islamic University in Islamabad, eventually having Da‘wah Academy as one of its vibrant constituent unit.

With a vision that Da‘wah as a discipline and specialized area of study demands intensive academic study of Islam, and of other world religions and ideologies, Da‘wah Academy was established in order to launch educational, training and research programs for Da‘wah purposes. It was aspired that through its such programs Da‘wah Academy will be instrumental to facilitate intensive academic study and integration of the classical Islamic Sciences and the modern research in social and physical sciences for the purpose of Da‘wah fulfilling Muslim Ummah’s crucial need of the hour.

Among the other luminary architects of the educational, training and research programs along with administration of the International Islamic University Islamabad as well as that of Da‘wah Academy, has been, the then a young, seasoned scholar Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi. With a holistic view of Islam as a complete way of life Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi always remained vibrant, till his last moment, via his intensive academic study of Islamic sources to contribute his part in reconstruction, from an Islamic Perspective, of thought, Knowledge, education, practice, society, law, judiciary, policy, procedures, economy and various organs of the state.

To further its vision and mission, Da‘wah Academy has decided to hold a two day academic conference to rigorously evaluate the contributions of late Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi in various branches of knowledge, as well as in transformation of various segments of the society and policies and procedures of various academic, judicial, financial, executive, legal and policy institutions of the state and civilization. The conference, in the light of the insights brought-forth in this serious academic endeavor, will also focus on formulation of a future roadmap for further studies and investigations in the said fields of thought, knowledge and action.

This two days rigorous academic conference being held by Da‘wah Academy in collaboration with IIUI and HEC, is an International Conference, which is titled; “Reconstruction of Thought, Education, Society and Civilization from an Islamic Perspective: Appraisal of Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi’s Contribution.”

The Researchers, Islamic Scholars, Teaching faculty of the Madaris, Universities and Colleges, Islamic Tinkers and Intellectuals, specializing in all disciplines, from across the globe and from within Pakistan, are invited to help us in this endeavor by coming up with their investigations and research papers presenting and academically evaluating the contributions and achievements of late Professor Ghazi.