BS Statistics

BS Statistics is a four years (eight semesters) degree programme.
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Medium of Study:
Scheme of Study

1st Semester

Course Code                Course Title                                     Credit hrs

GC-101          Functional English – I                                             3

GC-102          Introduction to the Use of Computer                    3                       

ST-101           Introductory Statistics                                              3

MATH 101     Fundamentals of Mathematics                              3

MATH 111     Calculus-I                                                                   3

2nd Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                               Credit hrs

GC-104          Functional English – II                                              3

GC 106           Introduction to Economics                                       3

ST-102           Introduction to Probability Distributions                 3

MATH 112     Calculus-II                                                                    3

MATH 121     Introduction to Linear Algebra                                  3                   

3rd Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                               Credit hrs

GC-107          Basics of Academic Writing                                     3

GC-108          Islamic Worldview and Civilization-I                       3

GC-109          Psychology                                                                  3

GC-110          Understanding of Quran-I                                        3

ST-201           Basic Statistical Inference                                        3 

ST-202           Applied Statistics                                                       3

4th Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                               Credit hrs

GC-111          Understanding of Quran-II                                        3                                

GC-112          Islamic Worldview and Civilization-II                       3

GC-113          Introduction to Law                                                     3

GC-114          Introduction to Management                                     3

ST-203           Introduction to Regression Analysis and

                      Experimental Design                                                    3

MATH 241     Elementary Differential Equations with    

                      Applications                                                                    3

5th Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                                Credit hrs

GC-115          Computer language-I                                               3

GC-116          Introduction to Finance                                             3                                   

ST-301           Probability and Probability Distributions-I              3

ST-302           Statistical Methods                                                      3

ST-303           Sampling Techniques-I                                              3

6th Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                              Credit hrs

GC-117          Pakistani Culture and Society                                  3

GC-118          Financial Accounting                                                  3                        

ST-305           Probability and Probability Distributions-II              3

ST-306           Sampling Techniques-II                                             3

ST-307           Regression Analysis and Econometrics-I              3                                                                         

ST-308           Design and Analysis of Experiments-I                     3

7th Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                              Credit hrs

GC-119          Organizational Behavior                                           3

ST-401           Regression Analysis and Econometrics-II           3

ST-402           Design and Analysis of Experiments-II                 3

ST-403           Statistical Inference-I (Estimation)                         3

ST-404           Data Analysis and Statistical Packages                3                     

8th Semester

Course Code                        Course Title                              Credit hrs

GC-120          Research Methodology                                            3

ST-405           Statistical Inference-II (Hypotheses Testing)       3

ST-406           Multivariate Statistics                                                 3         

ST-407           Non-Parametric Statistics and

                        Categorical Data                                                         3         

ST 419            Thesis or two electives (I & II)                                  6      

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