BS Physics

BS (Physics) is a bachelor’s degree program offering an academically rigorous preparation for students intending to pursue scientific, technical, or professional careers in Physics with special emphasis in nanotechnology-enabled fields. The program also provides an excellent opportunity for graduate studies in nanoscale sciences including material science, microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor & micro-sensors fabrication and biotechnology etc.
Eligibility Criteria:
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Semester Course Code Course Name Categories Credit hours
First GC101 Functional English I Group  A 3(3,0)
MATH111 Calculus-I Group  A 3(3,0)
GC209 Islamic Studies Group  B 3(3,0)
GR103 Understanding of Quran I Group  B 3(3,0)
PHY111 Mechanics Core 3(3,0)
PHY112 Electricity and Magnetism I Core 3(3,0)
Second GC104 Functional English II Group  A 3(3,0)
GR211 Pakistan Studies Group  A 3(3,0)
MATH112 Calculus II Group  A 3(3,0)
GR104 Understanding of Quran II Group  B 3(3,0)
PHY121 Electricity and Magnetism II Core 3(3,0)
PHY100 Laboratory I Core 3(0,3)
Third MATH241 Elementary Differential Equations with Applications Group  A 3(3,0)
MATH221 Introduction to Linear Algebra Group  A 3(3,0)
EN301 Communication Skills Group  B 3(3,0)
CS111  Programming Fundamentals Group B 3(2,1)
PHY211 Waves & Oscillations Core 3(3,0)
PHY212 Basic Electronics Core 3(3,0)
Fourth GC114 Introduction to Management Group B 3(3,0)
PHY221 Heat & Thermodynamics Core 3(3,0)
PHY222 Classical Mechanics Core 3(3,0)
PHY223 Modern Physics Core 3(3,0)
PHY224 Nuclear Physics Core 3(3,0)
PHY200 Laboratory II Core 3(0,3)
Fifth MATH481 Special Theory of Relativity Group  A 3(3,0)
PHY311 Mathematical Methods of Physics Core 3(3,0)
PHY312 Quantum Mechanics-I Core 3(3,0)
PHY313 Statistical Mechanics Core 3(3,0)
PHY314 Solid State Physics Core 3(3,0)
Sixth GC117 Introduction to Logic and Philosophy Group  B 3(3,0)
SE241 Advanced Computer Programming Group  B 3(3,0)
PHY322 Quantum Mechanics-II Core 3(3,0)
PHY323 Electromagnetic Theory Core 3(3,0)
PHY324 Solid state Electronics devices Core 3(3,0)
  PHY300 Laboratory III Core 3(0,3)
Seventh EN102 Technical Report Writing Group  A 3(3,0)
PHY411 Experimental Methods of Nano Physics Core 3(3,0)
PHY412 Physics at the Nanoscale Core 3(3,0)
Elective I Elective 3(3,0)
  Elective II Elective 3(3,0)
PHY499 Project Core 3(3,0)
Eighth PHY421 Nano based Materials and their Application Core 3(3,0)
PHY422 Nano-safety Core 3(3,0)
  Elective III Elective 3(3,0)
Elective IV Elective 3(3,0)
PHY499 Project Core 3(3,0)
Elective Courses for BS PHYSICS
Course Code Course Name Categories Credit Hours
PHY461 Plasma Physics Elective 3(3,0)
PHY462  Material Science Elective 3(3,0)
PHY463 Biomaterials and Biomechanics Elective 3(3,0)
PHY464 Nano Chemistry Elective 3(3,0)
PHY465  Introduction to Quantum Theory for Nanoscale Systems Elective 3(3,0)
PHY466 Nanoscale Molecular Materials and Soft Matter Elective 3(3,0)
PHY467  Nanoscale Surfaces and Interfaces Elective 3(3,0)
PHY468  Electronic Properties of Nanomaterials Elective 3(3,0)
PHY469 Magnetic and Spintronic Materials and Devices Elective 3(3,0)
PHY470  Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Elective 3(3,0)
PHY471 Nanostructural Characterization Techniques Elective 3(3,0)
PHY472  Advanced Physical/ Chemical Concepts for Nanoscale Science Elective 3(3,0)
PHY473 Nanobiology for Nanotechnology Applications Elective 3(3,0)
EE314 Optoelectronics Elective 3(3,0)
EE332 Digital Signal Processing Elective 3(3,0)
EE310 Simulation and Modelling Elective 3(3,0)
EE415 Biomedical Instrumentation Elective 3(3,0)
EE408      VLSI design Elective 3(3,0)
EE 424 Microelectronic Techniques Elective 3(3,0)
 * List will be extended as and when required, subject to the approval of the bodies.

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