Ph.D Mathematics

PhD Mathematics is a 3 – 5 years research degree. Students will be required to complete 30 credit hours of course of MS level and 12 credit hours of Ph.D level course work on the recommendations of research supervisor. Rest of the degree requirement will include comprehensive examination, carrying out research work of original nature, writing and defending of thesis.
Eligibility: As per Advertisement
Medium of Study: English
Program Level: Graduate
Program For: Male (50 Seats) & Female (50 Seats)

Scheme of Studies for Ph.D Mathematics Programs From Fall 2016

1st Semester
3 Courses                                          9

2nd Semester
3 Courses                                                      9

3rd Semester
MATH 891      Ph.D. Thesis               9

4th  Semester
 MATH 891     Ph.D. Thesis                           9

MATH 891      Ph.D. Thesis               9

6th  Semester
 MATH 891     Ph.D. Thesis                           9


  • 18 years of education in Mathematics with minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00 or 65% marks in annual system. GRE/GAT (Subject) with minimum 60% score.

Details of PHD program are given in Procedure for regulating post graduate studies in Department of Mathematics.

List of Core Courses for PhD Mathematics

Sr. No. Course Code Course Title
1. MATH 821 Group Rings
2. MATH 841 Advanced Perturbation Methods
3. MATH 861 Advances in Analysis
4. MATH 881 Advanced Heat Transfer

Note: Out of four courses student will have to study at least two courses from the list of core courses.
List of Elective Courses for Ph. D. Mathematics From Fall 2016

Sr. No. Course Code Course Title
1. MATH 822 Theory of Group Graphs
2. MATH 823 LA-Semigroups
3. MATH 824 Advanced Ring Theory-II
4. MATH 825 Hopf Algebra and Quantum Groups
5. MATH 826 Algebraic Number Theory
6. MATH 827 Homological Algebras
7. MATH 831 Advanced Analytical Dynamics-II
8. MATH 832 Spectral Methods in Fluid Dynamics
9. MATH 842 Group Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
10. MATH 843 Advanced Nonlinear Differential Equations
11. MATH 851 Advanced Algebraic Geometry
12. MATH 862 Non-Standard Analysis
13. MATH 863 Numerical Ranges of Operators on Normal Spaces
14. MATH 864 Strict Convexity
15. MATH 871 Modeling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
16. MATH 872 Advanced Finite Element Analysis
17. MATH 873 Advanced Multivariate Methods and Analysis
18. MATH 882 Advanced Magnetohydrodynamics
19. MATH 883 Convective Heat Transfer: Porous Media
20. MATH 884 Robotics
21. MATH 892 Topics in Algebra
22. MATH 893 Topics in Mechanics
23. MATH 894 Topics in Differential Equations
24. MATH 895 Topics in Topology
25. MATH 896 Topics in Analysis
26. MATH 897 Topics in Computational Mathematics
27. MATH 898 Topics in Applied Mathematics
28. MATH 891 PhD Thesis (9 credit hours)


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