The Department of Law at the Faculty of Shariah & Law was established with the objective to produce leaders and experts in legal profession and develop scholars well versed in numerous branches of Shariah & Law to provide intellectual approach and guidance in the process of Islamization of laws and well versed law graduates in contemporary laws. Delivering of quality education, through focused teaching methodologies, with prime focus on training the aspirant’s skills is indispensable in legal education. The Department of Law at IIU, Islamabad is enthusiastic to produce the professional law graduates, capable enough to meet the challenges in their respective fields, by acquainting them with the theoretical and practical legal knowledge along with an ability to serve the society through their contribution. The Department of Law at the International Islamic University, Islamabad is having more than 15PhD faculty members that makes it a distinct department in the field of legal education in Pakistan.
The law department aims to:
  1. Produce legal professionals for serving the legal profession and the related fields of law;
  2. Prepare the students to carry out precise legal research in their relevant areas and to come up with an impactful result.
  3. Provide an ability to critically identify and articulate legal issues (sometimes unpredictableone); rationally apply the applicable law and legal reasoning to come up with appropriate legal responses and to make choice among them for critical judgment.
  4. Build an ability to rationally and critically discuss the state of the law in a particular area, national as well as international, with reference to possible developments through Parliament and in the courts.
  5. Prepare the students to understand and analyze the issues/lacunas of Pakistan’s legal system and serve the country through their impact full services in the field of legislation.
  6. Show up a cooperative, constructive and competitive behaviour, in the students, in discharging a group work with time management skills.
  7. Inculcate ethical and professional values in the students and to produce responsible citizens and professionals.
  8. Develop the interactive communication skills to be used in their legal profession and ability to present knowledge or an argument in a way which is comprehensible to others, both orally and in writing.
The Department of Law offers Ph.D. (Law) and a wide range of specialized LL.M. degree programmes such as LL.M. International Law, LL.M. Corporate Law, LL.M. Human Rights Law, LL.M. International Trade Law etc. and LL.B. 5 years degree programme.

The Department of Law has an esteemed research journal named Islamabad Law Review (ILR). ILR provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between the bench, the bar and the faculty on legal developments and legal reform in Pakistan. The ILR encourage the research students, legal practitioner and teaching staff from Pakistan and abroad to publish their legal research work.

The graduates of the Department of Law are fully competent to assume judicial, consultancy, administrative as well as complementary and supporting roles with better knowledge, training, studies and research.

Dr. Muhammad Asim Iqbal
Department of Law,
Faculty of Shariah & Law,
International Islamic University,