Department Of Mathematics & Statistics

Head's Message
Chairman MathsI am delighted that you are thinking of coming to do your degree at the Faculty of Sciences (FS) and becoming a part of a dynamic group of people with leading edge ideas and ready to work in a highly rigorous, practical and dynamic environment.

We take pride in being Muslims and this spirit is being reflected in the syllabi of different degree programs. The International character of our program is that it contains the best of western business thought with ethical values and moral training of our religion, Islam, along with the corporate standards of Pakistan. The programs at the Faculty of Sciences involve a combination of research and taught courses. Alongside ‘research-led teaching’, there is the theme of ‘theory and practice’. All postgraduate programs of FS are based on original research and industrial projects. The students are encouraged and trained to develop new ideas and implement them through real life projects. These projects form a significant part of all the programs. Pursuing research for your degree program will be one of the most intense periods of your life and will offer immense satisfaction in return.

The faculty and students have put a great deal of effort and sheer hard work into maturing the FS as the best seat of learning in the country. If you join us, you will become a member of an academic community, which is proud of its traditions and its contemporary education. I look forward to welcome you here and hope that you will enjoy yourself and participate fully in the life of FS. We wish you good luck in your endeavors and hope to see you with us.

Dr. Nasir Ali
Ph: 051-9019756, 9258037
Email: [email protected]
This department will focus its attention on training mathematicians who will be able to apply the mathematical procedures in other scientific and computational processes. Graduates of this department will be scientists capable of designing and developing mathematical models and simulations of computational and physical problems.
Male Campus:
Reception Room Science Block
Female Campus:
Maryam Block